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Singaporean Entrepreneur: China is Leading the World in Education Tech


Steven Yoon, the co-founder of Jules Corporation, former naval officer, and award-winning Singaporean entrepreneur, is bringing his company’s latest achievements in educational software development to the upcoming 2020 Smart China Expo Online.

In an exclusive online interview with iChongqing, Mr. Yoon talked about his long-lasting passion for education and his expectations for this year’s Smart China Expo.

“I lived in China for 12 years… my wife is from Sichuan province… and my first ed-tech startup was in China,” Mr. Yoon said with great enthusiasm when recalling his experience in China.

“We developed an English learning program for children in the rural mountain areas of Guangdong province… and a month later when I came back, I found they can speak English better than me. I was really touched and decided that education is something I want to pursue.”

Jules Corporation is an education technology company that develops educational software for kindergarten-aged kids to learn “thinking and digital skills for the 21st century,” according to Mr. Yoon. It currently has a base in Guangdong’s Zhuhai city, and are looking to set up another base in Chongqing next year.

“We are very excited to bring out cutting-edge technologies to China, and hopefully, it would be an interesting experience to interact with potential business partners at the 2020 Smart China Expo Online,” Mr. Yoon added.

“Maybe 10 years ago, Singapore is ahead of China in terms of education technology adoption, but now, I think, China is leading the world in ed-tech applications,” said Mr. Yoon.

“Compared with its Singaporean and even Western counterparts, Chinese parents are more open and adventurous towards adopting new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and online learning to educate their children.”


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