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Qualcomm Appears at the SCE OL 2020 5G Innovative Development Forum Today


Chongqing- The Smart China Expo Online 2020 (SCE OL 2020) 5G Innovative Development Forum will be held at the Grand Ballroom in JW Marriott Hotel Chongqing on September 15. With the theme of “5G + AI Opens the Future of Intelligent Connectivity.” Frank Meng, Chairman of Qualcomm China, will be invited to address the opening ceremony of the event.

Through delivering a keynote speech entitled “Work Together to Launch 5G Intelligent Connectivity,” Meng will also share thoughts on the current progress of global 5G deployment, the future development trend of 5G technology, and the industrial opportunities brought by 5G+AI at the 5G Innovative Development Forum on the same afternoon.

Frank Meng, Chairman of Qualcomm China, will be invited to address the opening ceremony of the SCE OL 2020.

“This year’s SCE will focus on the smart, innovative application of big data, which is also in line with Qualcomm’s mission in 5G + AI dual developments,” said Meng. “Therefore, we will expect to see the expansion of wireless networks with 5G, along with the application of AI technology, will transform a wide range of industries and impact on everyone’s lives. This will intensify Chongqing’s determination to build an intelligent and smart city, leading a high-quality development in technology and achieving the city’s goal of promoting international cooperation in the digital economy.”

Presently, research shows that 5G has been applied in different fields, and the number of 5G completed base stations in Chongqing ranks first in China. Meng believes the new generation of information technology and intelligent manufacturing technology represented by 5G will be integrated into the city’s traditional manufacturing industry, which will significantly enhance the development scale of traditional industries.

The number of 5G completed base stations in Chongqing ranks first in China.

“In 2016, Qualcomm established Thundercomm Technology Co., Ltd. (Thundercomm) as a joint venture with ThunderSoft, focusing on the development of the Internet of Things,” said Meng. “In recent years, Thundercomm has been committed to the product expansion, helping domestic enterprises to accelerate the development and innovation process in the Internet of Things, and brainstorming ideas to co-build smart towns with Qualcomm in Chongqing.” 

5G for manufacturing and industrial networks provides a chance to build smart factories.

According to Meng, this year also marks the third year for Qualcomm to participate in the Smart China Expo (SCE). The company has been actively supporting the implementation and realization of big data intelligence in Chongqing and assisting the city on its key industries, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, automotive electronics, and connected automated vehicles.

“Admittedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to the industrial chain. It has also made companies aware that the world we live in is inseparable from technology,” said Meng. “In the future, we will strive to explore more cooperation opportunities, helping Chongqing to implement its big data intelligence program, and make contributions to build an intelligent industrial cluster in the city.” He also emphasizes the important role that plays by Qualcomm, which is to promote the in-depth integration of emerging industries with the real economy.

Meng continued: “in addition, we will hold an award ceremony for Qualcomm AI Application Innovation Challenge on September 17, one of the major events of SCE OL 2020.” This competition was co-organized by the Intelligent Internet of Things United Innovation Center, which was jointly established by Qualcomm, the Administration Committee of Chongqing Economic & Technological Development Zone, and ThunderSoft.

Frank Meng, Chairman of Qualcomm China, shares his perspectives about the SCE OL 2020 in our interview.

The competition has attracted more than 270 excellent development teams all over the world, involving a variety of fields in industry, agriculture, transportation, smart home, and epidemic prevention and control. At the award ceremony, Qualcomm will share more outstanding achievements with industry insiders.

SCE OL 2020 is sponsored by the Organizing Committee of SCE and jointly undertaken by units including Chongqing Communications Administration, Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission, Chongqing Big Data Application and Development Administration, Yuzhong District People’s Government, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, and China Mobile Communications Group Chongqing Co., Ltd.

Under the theme of “5G New Infrastructure, Leading the Future with Intelligence”, the forum comprises both online and offline activities, including leaders’ orations, keynote reports, summit dialogues, forum release, and keynote speeches. The forum aims to empower the economy and enrich life.


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