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Intel will Accelerate the Development of Innovative Platforms in Chongqing

By Mikkel LarsenICHONGQING|Sep 17,2020

Chongqing – The “Intel FPGA Intelligent Innovation International Summit” was held on September 16th during the 2020 Smart China Expo Online. Here Intel shared FPA strategic direction, products, and solutions and fully demonstrated their innovative ecological concepts and practices and achievements of Intel’s largest FPA innovation center in Chongqing.

Ian Yang, Corporate Vice President, Intel Corporation & President, Intel China LTD.


At the summit, Intel’s global vice president, and president of Intel China, Ian Yang, delivered a keynote speech. Yang said we are entering an era of intelligence. The development and application of smart technology will unleash the value of data bringing industrial and economic advancement to a new turning point. The smart x-effect will appear in a wide range of industries and economic fields. Intel will continue to innovate on technologies, empower the economy, and create technological advances that will change the world, to everyone’s benefit.

Intel will continue to deepen its ecological construction and work closely with the Chongqing Municipal Government and a wide range of ecological partners to accelerate the development of innovation platforms including Intel FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) China Innovation Center, help industrial applications be established and promote smart upgrades.

Intel’s FPGA Intelligent Innovation Center landed in Chongqing’s Western (Chongqing) Science City to Promote Fission-style innovation.

Intel also demonstrated its latest cooperation results with the Chongqing Municipal Government and other industry partners.

In 2018, Intel’s FGPA China Innovation Center, the world’s largest, and the only one in Asia, settled in the Western (Chongqing) Science City. Since the establishment, Intel and the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, and other industrial partners, have focused on five major areas of talent training, innovation incubation, application display, summit competitions, and industrial clusters.

Intel, the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, and its industrial partners have gathered in-depth resources to accelerate globalization with FPGA at its core. Through technological innovation through the integration of industry and education in the new ecology and FPGA cloud acceleration center, in-depth research on the frontier applications of FPGA, co-construction of FPGA industry ecology, incubating AI emerging companies, and other projects, remarkable achievements have been made in the construction of innovation ecology.

According to Zhang Rui, general manager of Intel FPGA China Innovation Center, Intel FPGA Cloud Acceleration Center has served more than 80 users, including industry leaders, startups, and universities.

In terms of talent training, it has established a talent training system that combines online and offline theoretical and actual collaborations. During the epidemic, more than 5000 registered trainees were provided with tens of thousands of online courses, and as the situation improved, offline intermedia and advanced training were launched.

At the same time, in order to accelerate the transformation of FPGA technology resources to education, the “Intel FPGA China Innovation Center Series” has been launched especially for this purpose. The book contains a total of 8 volumes, which are to be published this year to accelerate innovation and contribute to the ecology.

Li Deshen, Managing director of Intel’s China Strategic Cooperation and Innovation Business Department, and head of Intel’s Innovation Accelerator, said that Intel is driving ecological evolution, building a future-oriented industrial ecology, and promoting fission-type innovation based on Ai x 5G x Intelligent edge. Intel will continue to build innovative platforms including Intel FPGA China Innovation Center, artificial intelligence innovation ecology, smart future cities, and other innovation platforms with their partners and work together to build a comprehensive technological innovation ecology to accelerate the implementation of smart applications.


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