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New Life, New Infrastructure and Three Platforms: Liangjiang to Build Smart City


The 2020 Smart China Expo Online kicked off in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality on Sept. 15. The annual grand gathering of international technology companies and smart industry leaders is once again leading a new round of revolution in science and technology and a transformation and upgrading of intelligent industries in the city’s Liangjiang New Area.

China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone in Liangjiang New Area.

New life: significant changes in people’s daily lives

The Longfor Liangjiang Xingcheng Yunding Estate in Liangjiang’s Lijia Subdistrict is the first three-star smart community in Chongqing.

The community is equipped with a smart home security system that automatically alerts homeowners if any abnormal activities should occur when they are out. There is also a smart access control system at the estate entrance; homeowners will be granted access automatically via facial recognition technology.

Currently, 42 of the city’s such smart communities are located in the Liangjiang New Area.

New infrastructure: more key projects on the way

Tencent announced at the opening ceremony of the second SCE that it would invest more than 10 billion yuan to build the Tencent Cloud Computing Data Center in Western China.

From January to July this year, a total of 13 key new infrastructure projects in Liangjiang New Area lured in 1.945 billion yuan worth of investment, accounting for 60% of the annual investment plan.

Three platforms: name card for smart city construction

Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone is a testbed for scientific research, technological innovation, and product incubation. In less than a year, it has brought in 27 universities, research institutes, and the world’s most advanced research projects in fields like new energy, smart vehicles, robots, aerospace, quantum information, and life sciences.

Lijia Intelligent Park is a live experience scenario that provides the public with a taste of future smart lives. It is a perfect integration of culture, science and technology, and environment protection.

Yuelai International Exhibition City is a smart convention and exhibition scenario that provides international conferences, exhibitions, and forums for business people and government officials. More than 300 grand events, including SCE and WCIFT, take place here every year, attracting more than ten million guests worldwide.


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