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Smart Manufacturing at Chang'an Automobile Impresses YouTubers


Chongqing – The 2020 Smart China Expo Online (SCE OL) is ongoing in Chongqing, China. On Sept. 16, the high-tech fair has attracted numerous smart technology companies from both home and abroad to demonstrate their latest cool products and technologies in various industries here.

YouTubers Lee & Oli from Barrett Chanel and Jerry from This is China Chanel visited Chongqing during the SCE OL 2020. To better experience the city’s smart manufacturing development, they visited the Global Research & Development Center of Chang’an, China’s leading automobile manufacturer located in Chongqing, and its automated production line.

YouTubers Visited Chang'an Global R&D Center

YouTubers visited Chang’an Global R&D Center.

“I’m kind of blown away. This massive factory has a lot going on. There are robots all around. I have never been to a factory that has that level of automation before.” Said Lee, after visiting the welding line of which automation has reached 90%. With an engineering background, Lee was enormously impressed by the automation level of the factory. “Chang’an makes respectful cars. The car design is sexy and beautiful. I would like to have one,” said Jerry.

Barrett filmed the automated welding line of Chang'an

Barrett filmed the automated welding line of Chang’an.

Jerry from This is China did a vlog with iChongqing in the automated production line.

Jerry from This is China did a vlog with iChongqing in the automated production line.

They also had an exciting experience to try intelligent ca. “Chang’an also works with big companies in China like Huawei, Tencent, and Alibaba to bring future technology into the car. We tried one model. The car has cameras instead of wing mirrors. You can use face or fingerprint ID to start the car, and it sets all your preference of seats before you drive. The dashboard is like a huge TV screen with so much information going on. It’s so cool,” said Lee.

Barrett filmed the intelligent car of Chang'an

Barrett tried the intelligent car of Chang’an.

“This is a smart idea to give us this opportunity to see how these amazing technologies have put together the futuristic car. Chinese people carried out this job with sophisticated equipment and fantastic systems. That’s what I want to show to my fans,” said Jerry.

From Lee’s point of view, Chinese people generally adopt technology much quicker than they do in the West. The Chinese bring solutions to the market relatively quickly. “I want to show to my audience how fast China is moving the technology forward,” said Lee.


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