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Communication on Cloud: CMIA Annual Meeting Links Global Guests


The 15th Annual Meeting of the Chongqing Mayor’s International Economic Advisory Council (CMIA Annual Meeting) will take place on September 23. For the sake of epidemic prevention and control, 15 advisers from across the world are scheduled to communicate with the Mayor of Chongqing through a video conference.

How to ensure smoothness and safety? What preparations did Chongqing make?

Andreas Gerstenmayer, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of AT&S, delivered a speech in 2019

To make sure the average latency during the conference with European and American advisers is within 500 milliseconds

This year, the CMIA Annual Meeting will be held online, which means that advisers have to communicate with the Mayor via videoconferencing. Thus, a smooth network becomes the key to success.

In response to that, the CMIA preparation team asked China Telecom Corporation Limited Chongqing Branch to set up a dedicated line. The network runs well at the conference site. After commissioning, the average latency is within 500 milliseconds, with the maximum no more than one second, no matter whether the network is connected to Europe or America.

Additionally, some specially-assigned personnel will test the architecture and logic of the conference system, to assure safe and controllable communication.

To find the optimum software and conference time

The 15th CMIA Annual Meeting plans to be held with Microsoft Teams, which is a piece of commonly-used software in Europe and America after the outbreak of COVID-19, to be in line with advisers’ office habits.

The conference time is another subject under thorough consideration.

Differing from previous editions, this year, advisers are on different continents, which makes 15:30 the best time for the themed conference. It was agreed by advisers after discussions, as the time suits the majority’s schedule and only some have to attend the conference at night because of time differences.

To open the conference to 500 odd people with granted accounts

The 15th CMIA Annual Meeting will be live-streamed on a famous platform of China. People can enter the dedicated live-streaming room with accounts.

The CMIA Secretariat will grant over 500 accounts to adviser companies, districts, and counties of Chongqing, relevant departments, and units, which cannot attend the conference. The online annual meeting is a feast of ideas with global views, allowing Chongqing to team up with several transnational corporations’ executives for opening-up, mutual development, and a bright future.


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