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China (Chongqing) Fashion Week Ended with Show by Mao Geping


On September 21, a show of the make-up designed by Mao Geping was staged in Wanzhou, Chongqing. Being staged against the backdrop of Wanzhou Grand Waterfalls, the largest one in Asia, it set a precedent for outdoor live shows in China. It presented a visual feast of fashion with an impact via online live broadcast. This show brought the five-day China (Chongqing) International Fashion Week to a close.

China (Chongqing) International Fashion Week

The closing ceremony of the fashion week

the event began with the original song and dance performance titled Picturesque Wanzhou, which integrated the national intangible cultural heritage Sichuan Zhuqin in Wanzhou, Hanfu, guqin, and other local traditional features. Later, with the centuried Lu’an Bridge in the background, professional models took turns showing the series of make-up and costumes designed by the international master Mao Geping, perfectly integrating the show with the natural landscape.

The show infront of Wanzhou Graand Waterfalls

According to the person in charge of the organizing committee, this show, being held around the aged Lu’an Bridge and with the 9,739.5-square-meter (151 m wide; 64.5 m high) Wanzhou Grand Waterfalls as the background, blended the natural landscapes like green hills, pleasant pastoral scenes and tranquil villages with the show field perfectly. The show of the make-up designed by Mao Geping presented in front of the gorgeous canyon and waterfalls was the first of its kind in the Chinese fashion art scene show.

The show infront of Wanzhou Graand Waterfalls

At the scene, 25 sets of beautiful creative modeling works perfectly presented clothing through three-dimensional tailoring. They are embellished with diverse patterns such as magnificent classical Chinese buildings, elegant blue and white porcelain, dancing dragons, shining spears and armored horses, and auspicious designs, showcasing the modern charm of classic Chinese culture.

The show infront of Wanzhou Graand Waterfalls

As the finishing touch of the whole fashion show, the make-up was designed by Mao Geping and teachers and students from Maogeping Education. With a profound understanding of the traditional aesthetics of Chinese culture and the magnificent mountains and rivers, they used the art form of creative make-up to realize a blend of clothing and beautiful scenery. The make-up features magnificence, solemnity, prettiness, liveliness, enchantment, sumptuousness, and elegance. The use of the sfumato technique and the relief technique highlighted linear aesthetic feeling in alternating hardness with softness.

The show with nature

The fashion week was broadcast live online on multiple cloud platforms via modern digital technology, creating a new model of China (Chongqing) International Fashion Week. With the scope of influence and radiation being greatly expanded, the event has significantly become increasingly popular.

The show infront of Wanzhou Graand Waterfalls


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