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Liangping Releases Boutique Travel Routes in Autumn Tourist Season


Chongqing- Following the onset of Autumn in Chongqing, Liangping District held the launch ceremony for the 2020 autumn tourist season over a fashionable night concert in Lieshen Village of the Bamboo Sea Resort.


Night entertainment is one of the key rural attractions in the autumn tourist season of Liangping District.

As National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, the tourism industry aims to continue stimulating the night economy, as well as tourist numbers over weekends and holidays, through a variety of boutique travel routes and experiences themed on night tours, performances, and markets.

Mrs. Zhang Ziyu, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Chongqing Liangping District Committee and Publicity Department director, addressed the audience at the launch ceremony.


Liangshanyi in the Hundred Li Bamboo Sea Resort offers modern and vintage accommodation amongst idyllic settings for tourists wishing to experience the natural beauty of Liangping.

‘From September 22nd to October 8th, there will be a series of themed cultural tourism events in Liangping based on night tours, viewing, relaxation, markets, and entertainment. Citizens and tourists are all welcome to come and listen to music, enjoy the scenery, and try great food as we drive the night economy and follow the hot trend of autumn travel. As the Harvest Festival approaches, I cordially invite friends from all corners to follow and travel Liangping!’

Mr. Jiang Weining, deputy director of the Chongqing culture and Tourism Development Committee, officially announced the autumn travel season event open.


Liangping offers a variety of accommodation with innovative characteristics to suit all tastes.

Liangping offers quality specialty products, unique rural scenery, ecological resources, rich farming traditions, and is the hometown of Chinese folk culture and art. In recent years, the District Party committee has adhered to the tourism development strategy, focusing on the brand image of pastoral beauty and the integration of cultural tourism. We have successfully created a unique folk community, as Liangping rapidly develops into a big name tourist destination in Chongqing.

Since 2018, Liangping District has strived to implement the concept of green development with key emphasis on ecological protection in Chongqing Municipality and has focused efforts on building the two core tourist resorts of Hundred Mile Bamboo Sea and Shuanggui Pastures.


The integration of culture and tourism offers unique experiences to visitors in Liangping.

The attraction of Shuanggui Pastures relies on the picturesque natural scenery, Zen culture, and the integration of agriculture and tourism as part of a scenic demonstration area which features the Liangping Pomelo Sea, the modern smart agriculture of Shugu Farm, Longxi Fisherman’s House, and the Three Gorges Bamboo Expo Park.

There are also rural tourist attractions built to further the cause of poverty alleviation, such as the Qushui Plum Gardens, where agricultural tourism has raised the incomes of rural households, allowing them to achieve a more prosperous way of life.


The resort villages of Liangping present visitors with attractive designs and artistic features.

A series of three exciting festivals have been organized in Shuanggui Pastures to mark the onset of autumn, the autumnal equinox, and the start of winter. Respectively, these are named the Rice Sea Art Season, Harvest Festival, and International Pomelo Expo.

In the Hundred Li Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, Liangping has strived vigorously to develop the homestay industry, where over 100 rural buildings have undergone renovations and upgrades to provide over 1,000 beds and capacity for over 3,000 diners.


Traditional decor in a Mengxi Tianyuan homestay offers tourists a unique feeling of rural antiquity blended with modern amenities.

Examples of boutique homestay projects include Mengxi Tianyuan, Molin Bamboo Courtyard, Mingyuehui, Liangshanyi, and the mountain residences of Sifang and Tianchi. At present, Liangping District is constructing a B&B cluster around the Mingyue Range in collaboration with surrounding regions, intending to establish a demonstration zone for green development.


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