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What Will This CIMAMotor Bring to Motorcycle Enterprises in Chongqing?


On September 22, the four-day 18th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMAMotor) closed at Chongqing International Expo Center.

The four-day CIMAMotor

Being the only national professional motorcycle exhibition in China and one of the largest-scale motorcycle exhibitions globally, CIMAMotor was widely followed at home and abroad as it failed to be held in Milan because of the outbreak of COVID-19. The exhibition scale is the largest ever, with more than 500 domestic and foreign enterprises, 500 motorcycle clubs, and a broad audience. Quite a few of them even came to the city by motorcycle from all over the country. The number of exhibit categories is more extensive than any previous session, including motorcycles, electronic fuel injection engines, and wheel hubs, which almost cover the whole industrial chain.

Visitors can try the motorcycle there

What did this session of CIMAMotor with an unprecedented spectacle bring to motorcycle enterprises in Chongqing?

High popularity: CIMAMotor becomes an industry bellwether

Enterprises participating in this exhibition enjoyed the sense of gain a lot. The exhibition stand of Chongqing Zongshen Power Machinery Co., Ltd. (Zongshen Power), over 900 square meters, was packed every day during the exhibition. More than 30 types of motorcycles on display were all popular. The popularity certainly brought considerable benefits, and the sales of Zongshen Power at the exhibition site doubled that of the last session. Unlimited locomotives of LONCIN MOTOR CO., LTD. also caught a lot of attention, with the sales volume of each of the three new types unveiled at the event topped 200 units.

There were lots of visitors

Motorcycle accessories were also popular at the exhibition. LS5, as a brand selling helmets, clothing, and other accessories, has participated in five consecutive sessions of the exhibition. The person in charge of its exhibition stand said that the attendance at this year’s exhibition was at least double that of previous sessions.

Many persons in charge of the participating motorcycle enterprises said that the motorcycle industry encountered a bottleneck before during its transformation period. In the future, more personalized and entertaining motorcycles with medium and high exhaust capacity will become the mainstream of consumption in the industry, and the motorcycle market prospect after product upgrading is worth looking forward to.

More innovative products: Made-in-Chongqing motorcycles enter the mid-to-high end market

With the upgrading of motorcycle consumption demand, Made-in-Chongqing motorcycles with high exhaust capacity are gradually favored by the market. Previously, the mid-to-high end market in this field was almost fully occupied by foreign and joint venture brands. Nowadays, through studying the consumer market, primarily by increasing research and development (R&D) efforts, and promoting product transformation and upgrading, local motorcycle enterprises have gradually entered and occupied this market. There are only a few mid-to-high-end Made-in-Chongqing motorcycles, but their prices are all above 10,000 yuan and reach 50,000 yuan at most, several times more profitable than traditional products.

The pink motorcycle

All of the signs indicate that Chongqing’s motorcycle enterprises are breaking through by actively engaging in R&D and changing the growth model.

In the past, every time a marketable type of motorcycle was launched, it would be copied by lots of enterprises, leading to similar products on the market, with a lack of innovation. At present, however, motorcycle enterprises pursue diversification in the front-end R&D and product positioning and emphasize fine manufacturing and marketing. They differ from each other in the engines, major technology, and product features, thus gradually realizing diversified competition.

Smart manufacturing: Promotion of smart transformation becomes the consensus among enterprises

Judging from the wide variety of exhibits at this year’s CIMAMotor and the development trend of the domestic and foreign motorcycle industry, smart manufacturing, green energy conservation, and environmental protection technology will become the future development direction of the motorcycle industry.

Visitors were taking photos

According to several entrepreneurs and experts of the motorcycle industry, it is the only way for the development of the industry to promote the restructuring and integration of its industry chain, innovation chain, and value chain and advance the digital, networked, and smart development through smart transformation and industrial internet empowerment.

As of now, Zongshen Power, LONCIN MOTOR, and other motorcycle enterprises have entered into high-end production fields of motorcycles with medium and high exhaust capacity. In addition, as the smart transformation has been implemented, the integrated development of the whole industrial chain promoted. A batch of digital and smart factories built and put into use, the use of flexible manufacturing units, of robots for production, and of the management information system and other information production technology will greatly improve the manufacturing level of Chongqing’s motorcycle enterprises and make Made-in-Chongqing motorcycles renowned again.

He is a 67-year-old motorcycle traveler, and half his year is spent on the motorcycle.


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