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2020 China Nature and Sado Culture Festival Kicked off


The National Day holidays are approaching. During the holidays, the South Hot Spring Park in Banan District is a good destination for you and your family where you can appreciate the visual feast of light and shadow, explore the Half Street and stilted buildings in the memory, or stop by an old stall to taste local snacks that were enjoyed in your childhood yet are fading away in your memory.

South Hot Spring in Banan District

In order to promote the in-depth industrial integration, stimulate tourist consumption, and facilitate the recovery of the cultural tourism market, the Opening Ceremony of “Appealing Bayu, Enchanting Banan” – 2020 China Nature & Sado Culture Festival kicked off in the South Hot Spring Park on the evening of September 28. All citizens are cordially invited to participate in the festival to travel Banan, appreciate the scenery in Banan, experience the characteristic accommodation in Banan, and enjoy the flavor of Banan.

The dragon light during the day time

Recall the Warm South Hot Spring in Childhood Memory: Revisit Upgraded New South Hot Spring Park

South Hot Spring Park is a famous tourist attraction and resort in Chongqing. The hot spring resources can be traced back to the Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty, more than 400 years ago. It is a well-known historical hot spring in Bayu which has witnessed the childhood of numerous citizens of Chongqing. Covering an area of 21 square kilometers, this Park is adorned with winding hills, streams, trees, spring, caves, waterfalls, and green peaks. The charm and beauty of the Park are demonstrated by its amazing twelve attractions, such as Nantang Hot Spring, Fairy Rock, Cliff Waterfall, and Roaring Waterfall. Apart from gorgeous natural landscapes, the Park shows profound cultural deposits, with attractive cultural landscapes revealing the red culture, the culture of the War of Resistance, religious culture, and folk culture.

The beautiful light at night

The 2020 China Nature & Sado Culture Festival was opened at the square of the Park. It is a warm gift presented to senior citizens of Chongqing, which implies the remembrance of the former Ba County and also the yearning for the future of new Banan.

The light of pandas

Upgraded South Hot Spring Park Takes on New Look

After upgrading, former famous attractions have taken on a new look, including the South Hot Spring Park, waterfalls, Jianwen Peak, Huaxi River, Half Street, and Fairy Cave. Tourists can ride on the longest cableway in Asia, get an immersive experience about the tale between the fairy and Emperor Jianwen, visit vintage streets, or go fishing by the river, take a bath in a hot spring for health, or row a boat on the Huaxi River.

South Hot Spring in Banan District

New business forms have been generated by the new era. Based on the three themes, “youth”, “night travel”, and “parent-child”, the scenic area has redeveloped its tourist resources and introduced catering brands such as Food Republic, Wu Wen Teahouse, and The Hotness. Meanwhile, a cultural and creative pop-up shop “South Hot Spring Store of Creation” has been established with Testbed 2 to add the new business form of parent-child recreation. South Hot Spring Park can satisfy tourists’ needs for delicious food, shopping, accommodation, and entertainment.

The light of the peacock

To create a new image for the South Hot Spring Park and intensify infrastructure construction, the following measures have been taken, including newly building a path to the peak of nearly 4 kilometers, upgrading the hot spring pools, adding decorative night lighting, and advancing the greening work, to build a pure, beautiful, bright, and green scenic area. Tourists can revisit the Park to enjoy new fun. In addition to the Opening Ceremony of the 2020 China Nature & Sado Culture Festival, there will be a number of activities held in the South Hot Spring Park, such as the First South Hot Spring Lantern Show, Old Ba County Tea Party, Hot Spring Culture Forum, South Hot Spring Memory Exhibition, and Chrysanthemums Art Show.

The light of fishes


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