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Where to Have Fun During the National Day Holidays? Dazu and Fengdu are Good Choices

By XINYI LI|Sep 30,2020

If you didn't enjoy the sea of flowers in the first half of the year, do not miss the romance in the autumn. This year, the National Day and the Mid-autumn Festival will be celebrated on the same day. Dazu District will present a special feast themed by "Patriotism · Dazu Rock Carvings" by dint of its three tourist attractions. Also, there will be interesting activities in Fengdu. Ready for your National Day Holidays here?

Dazu Rock Carvings

Enjoy Theme Activities in Scenic Areas

Dazu District is popular among tourists for its culture, nature, and field represented by Mount Baoding, Longshui Lake, and Longping Colorful Fields. During the upcoming holidays, these scenic areas will hold a number of activities for tourists to appreciate the culture, scenery, and rural areas of Dazu District.

In addition to exquisite stone carvings on the cliffs for thousands of years, the public welfare performance Singing for Happiness by Chongqing Song and Dance Troupe will be held in the Mount Baoding Scenic Area at 10: 30 and 14:30 respectively from October 1 to 8, totaling 16 sessions.

Dazu Rock Carvings

Under the theme of "National Fashion", the Longshui Lake Scenic Area will put on "National Fashion, National Trend - 2020 Longshui Lake City Cultural Festival" from October 1 to 6. Wonderful activities such as circus show and face-changing performance, delicious food, and garden party will be provided every day. During the holidays, you will experience an unusual Longshui Lake of national fashion.

There will be other activities.

The Thousand Hand Guanyin in Dazu Rock Carvings Scenic Spot

Trade Fair for Bargain


The panorama of the Ghost City

Premium agricultural products will be shown in Dazu District, including Fengdu fermented bean curd, Chicken with Chili and Wild Pepper Sauce, dried turnip, and honey, allowing citizens to enjoy good agricultural and special products from the Three Gorges Reservoir Region at door.


"Ghosts" in the city

Between October 1 and 3, the Third Poverty Alleviation Trade Fair of Agricultural and Special Products Under the Counterpart Assistance of Dazu District to Fengdu County will be held at the Twelve Female Musicians on the Hongsheng Culture Square. Dazu District has given pairing assistance to Fengdu County. All sectors of Dazu District have made concerted efforts to purchase and sell poverty alleviation products of Fengdu in various ways. As of now, government departments, public institutions, and social forces in Dazu District have directly purchased poverty alleviation products of Fengdu valuing at more than 12 million yuan, and strive to raise it to more than 17.42 million yuan this year.

Nantian Lake in Fengdu

Besides, from October 10 to 12, Dazu District will hold "Quality Trade Commodities Brighten the Pedestrian Zone" Chongqing Trade Commodities (Dazu) Itinerant Exhibition. On this occasion, trade commodities from various districts and counties of Chongqing will be exhibited at 80-100 booths.

Dazu District is a hot spot, the hometown of the world-famous stone carvings, the hardware capital, and the cradle of heavy vehicles; it is endowed with profound culture as well as beautiful rural views you haven't seen before; it is also the pearl on the Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor and an internationally-renowned tourist destination in the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle.

Leisure time in Nantian Lake

At present, Dazu District is actively promoting the strategy of rejuvenating the district through culture, strengthening the protection, research, and utilization of Dazu Rock Carvings, accelerating the construction of the Dazu Rock Carvings Cultural Park, and making more efforts to develop itself into an internationally famous tourist destination.

Dazu Rock Carvings


A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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