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China's Top Culture and Tourism Products to Gather at the CICTIE


Last year, the Imperial Palace’s style at the Chongqing International Culture Industry Expo (CICIE) attracted lots of attention. The upcoming 2020 Chongqing International Culture & Tourism Industry Expo (CICTIE) will display Jiangnan Style and the blue sea and azure sky of the South China Sea to bring visitors to experience China’s magnificent landscapes.

According to the organizing committee, both the CICIE and its upgraded version CICTIE are committed to gathering and displaying creative culture products and select tourism products.

Xiling Seal Club will make its first show in Chongqing and display the unique art and skill of Jinshi Seal Cutting in the Hangzhou Pavilion. Xiling Seal club inherits the art of Chinese seal cutting included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Meanwhile, Sansha TV will bring the South China Sea’s breathtaking scenery to Chongqing, and visitors have chances to win free cruise tickets to tour the South China Sea.

The culture of Suzhou and Hangzhou will make you feel the beauty of Jiangnan.

When it comes to Hangzhou, those indispensable elements such as the silk, bamboo-weaving handicrafts, pottery, and oil-paper umbrella will pop up in people’s minds apart from the scene of the stream flowing through the small bridge.

In the Hangzhou Pavilion of the CICTIE, visitors are going to experience the folk custom of Jiangnan.

According to the introduction of Mr. Yu Jianguo, the Hangzhou Pavilion curator and the Rotating Chairman of City Culture Industry Expo League, Wanshili Silk Company that focuses on the creative silk-culture industry will display brand-new silk artworks that are innovative in materials and designs. The Family of Paper Umbrellas will include modern paper umbrellas, which are made through traditional skills.

The most important part will be the Xiling Seal club. In 1904, the club was the extant scholar club enjoying the longest history and the first academic club specializing in the art of China’s Seal Cutting at home and overseas.

Mr.Yu said that the Xiling Seal club is the representative organization that inherits the art of Chinese seal cutting included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and the art of Jinshi Seal Cutting that has been included in China’s first national intangible cultural heritage projects.

At the Expo, inheritors of Xiling Seal Club will bring their latest artworks to the Hangzhou Pavilion.

Sansha TV will send free cruise tickets to the public

Sansha TV is the youngest TV Channel in China, which was opened this July. Since this September, its signal has covered Chongqing, which means audiences in Chongqing can watch the South China Sea through TV.

Sansha TV will also participate in the CICTIE. During the Expo, it will display the landscapes, songs, and folk customs of Sansha and a series of innovative culture products created by Sansha TV.

For example, these ordinary items such as notebooks, mobile power supplies, and recycling bags will be designed with Sansha’s unique features such as architectures with Sansha features, the southmost primary school, the lighthouse, The red-footed booby (Sula Sula), and so forth.

The most exciting thing is that Sansha TV will send four free tickets of the South China Sea Dream Cruise to the public. According to the introduction, only 20,000 tourists have been able to take the cruise to tour Xisha, and less than 50,000 tourists have been to Xisha Islands. Tourists can visit three islands—Yinyu Island, Yagong Island, and Quanfu Island in the South China Sea by shifting from the cruise to speed boats.

At the Expo, visitors can win the free cruise tickets if joining in the interactive activities at the Sansha TV Pavilion.

Masters of arts and crafts will display their new artworks

China (Chongqing) Artwork Exhibition of Masters of Arts and Crafts and International Art Exhibition that was an important section at former CICIE will still be displayed at the CICTIE.

At the same time, the latest creative culture products that embody Chongqing’s landmarks will be shown at the CICTIE. Among these products, designers choose 11 landmarks that represent Chongqing most and add “tide” and “camellia” to create illustrations that express the meaning of the rise of Chongqing. These illustrations will be printed on daily use articles such as recycling bags, T-shirts, mobile phone shells, and so forth.

Meanwhile, the 5th “Craftsmanship Cup” Arts and Crafts Competition will be held. The competition will set the gold, silver, bronze, and excellent awards.


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