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Experience a World Full of Childlike Innocence at this Chongqing Art Exhibition


Except for dining together with family, Chinese people also have lots of activities to celebrate the Double festival (the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day), such as take a trip, go shopping at a mall, or go to a gallery to feel the art atmosphere.

On the last day of the holiday, the reporter came to Chongqing Shidai Gallery to have an art trip. Chongqing Shidai Gallery is located in Huaxi LIVE Yudong, Banan District, Chongqing Municipality. The touring exhibition of “REVIVE IN ART” is underway. In collaboration with 44 artists and eight art institutions, the exhibition reignited people’s inspiration for life and imagination for the future with authentic, trend-crossing artworks and interactive projects. The reporter saw that even on the last day of the holiday, the crowds continued to stream in, and many people took photos in front of the artwork.

A young lady is taking pictures of artwork on the wall.

The exhibition is divided into three themes. The first part is located on the right side of the hall on the first floor. The 10-meter widescreen displays medical workers’ video records during the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems to bring visitors back to this cold early spring and truly records the ordinary and great stories of front-line medical workers. In the face of COVID-19, teachers, and students from The Sichuan Conservatory of Music have created a number of vivid works by recording every detail of the epidemic with their brushes. The exhibition selected 45 poster design works, hoping to show concern and respect to those “soldiers” fighting in the front line through the exhibition.

The art exhibition attracts many tourists.

The second part is full of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Tweety Bird, Tom and Jerry, Sesame Street, and Pink Panther, etc. After the artists’ cross-boundary re-creation, various creative works are unrestrained, stylish, and interesting.

The second part is full of cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Tweety Bird, Tom, and Jerry.

The second floor of the Museum is the third exhibition area. The large graffiti that occupies the walls of the art museum is brightly colored and eye-catching. Three well-known Chinese street artists created it in 5 days. Through “dialogue” with the audience through different scenes, abstract street art presents the beauty of cool summer here.

Three well-known Chinese street artists created the large graffiti that occupies the art museum walls in 5 days.

The “wanted” posters plastered on the pillars were created by PSSSST, the street art section’s curators. In the way of “wanted notice,” the audience is called to pursue happiness and not let it run away. The audience is also called to participate in the interaction and draw the happy self on the blank “wanted notice” to find happiness.

Visitors spontaneously participated in interactive activities and drew pictures on the “WANTED” poster.

Exhibition information:

Open time: Monday to Sunday: 10:00-22:00 (21:30 Stop entry)

The exhibition date: 2020.8.8-2020.10.09

The ticket information:

Adult tickets: 30 yuan

A double ticket: 45 yuan

Student ticket: 15 yuan (with student ID)


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