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Over-5,000-year-old Rice Seeds in Chongqing Three Gorges Museum


Have you ever seen rice seeds from 5,300 years ago, and are you curious about the story of farming ecology 2,000 years ago?

On September 29, Healthy China Science Popularization—Stories of Food was held in the Temporary Exhibition Hall C on the third floor of the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum. This exhibition is open to the public for free and will last until December 28.

In addition to various traditional farm tools, 5,300-year-old rice seeds collected in the Chongqing Cultural Heritage Research Institute have also been shown in pictures during this exhibition.

As an innovative exhibition jointly launched by the Three Gorges Museum, the Children’s Research Institute and the College of Fine Arts of the Chongqing University of Education, and Sugu Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., this food-themed exhibition integrates popular science knowledge, education, and inquiry-based learning, artistic culture cultivation, and interaction based on labor work. It displays the whole life process of food through interactive experience covering reading picture books, admiring sculptures, and experiencing farming life, thereby strengthening the publicity and education on food saving.

On the same day, the exhibition organizer specially invited Chen Cui, the writing author of The Story of Food series picture books. Professor Li Yujing, the picture author of the series, shared the miracle of life about food with visitors.

The organizer has also launched a program of inquiry-based learning through labor work for children aged 5-9. On that day, the students from Shapingba Forest Experimental Primary School partook in this activity. The observer’s group, composed of experts and teachers from the Three Gorges Museum and the Children’s Research Institute, gaining knowledge in practice and thinking.

Yi Jun, the curator of this exhibition, is the head of the Culture, Creation, and Cooperation Department of the Three Gorges Museum. He said that this activity started with introducing a rice seed from 5,300 years ago in the exhibition hall. After that, children appreciated the Harvest and Rice Husking scenes about their ancestors’ labor work in the Han Dynasty and then came to a modern-style farmhouse against the rural scenery. This activity included the plowing field, carrying rice, peeling corn, sieving beans, turning stone mills, and using manual rice shellers. Apart from that, children had a conversation with “a bowl of rice,” “corn on the cob,” and other foods, getting to know the story of food growth through the four seasons.

To support the program, the Three Gorges Museum will launch choicest courses such as Giant Panda in Plants—Wild Rice and Wisdom in the Labor of Primitive People during the exhibition.


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