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The CICTIE Invites You to Experience Foreign Cultures and Folk Customs


Chongqing – The offline exhibition of the 2020 Chongqing International Culture & Tourism Industry Expo (CICTIE) will be held at Chongqing International Expo Center on October 15. The Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in China, Consulates-General of Japan, Hungary, and Uruguay in Chongqing; Consulates-General of Israel, Pakistan, France in Chengdu, and other international organizations and enterprises will participate in the Expo. Covering 1000 square meters, the International Exchange Exhibition Section of the CICTIE will display dazzling crystals from the Czech Republic, ikebana art from Japan, Rubik’s cube performance, and the books exhibition of Hungary,  wines and skincare products from Israel, and other special imported products.

Beautiful crystals, quality wines, and more to explore

Glasses and crystals from the Czech Republic are well-known in the world due to their dazzling and chic designs, as well as their exquisite craftsmanship. Traditional crystal ornaments, crystal household articles, and crystal artworks from the Czech Republic will be displayed at the Bohemian Crystal Pavilion of the International Exchange Exhibition Section.

crystal ornaments

Apart from dazzling Bohemian crystals, skincare products and imported wines from Israel will also be on exhibition.

It’s the first time for Israel to participate in the CICTIE, and they will display abundant products from Israel. Ran Peleg, the consul-general of Israel in Chengdu, said he hopes that Chongqing citizens can better know Israel through the wines and skincare products on display.

Israel is hot and dry in Summer. To take care of their skins, local people have been seeking natural materials to help their skins resist the harm from the dry weather for thousands of years, and royal families welcome their skincare treatments from Eurasian Region, the Middle East. Sal-Vento is one of them, which can provide excellent treatment for skins. Sal-Vento products have always been the first pick for royal families as gifts to send to each other. Sal-Vento has always persisted in small container production mode by hand to guarantee the quality of its products. Especially, its soaps are handmade even nowadays. Another skincare brand, Intensive Spa, will also be shown to the public. Materials of Intensive Spa products are the combination of extracts from mineral salt mud of the Dead Sea, plants, and multiple vitamins, which will provide thorough nutrition and moisture to skins.

Intensive Spa from Israel

According to the introduction of Ran Peleg, some wine chateaus from Israel will bring their best fruit wines to the Expo. For example, RIMON, the first producer of pomegranate wine globally, will bring their pomegranate wine to the Chongqing people. Morad will bring their litchi wine and passion fruit wine to the Expo.

Japanese ikebana art inviting you to find and create beauty

In accordance with the introduction of the Consulate-general of Japan in Chongqing, representatives from Hiroshima have been invited to attend the Expo and introduce landscapes, folk custom, culture, local specialties, and so forth to Chongqing citizens. Visitors can enjoy the landscape and folk customs of Hiroshima without leaving Chongqing.

Japanese ikebana art

Japanese ikebana art enjoys a long history and profound cultural connotation. Two to three thousand ikebana art schools have been formed based on differences in likes, angles of appreciation, species of flowers and grasses, and other aspects, since the beginning of Japanese ikebana art. Sogetsu ikebana, ikenobo origin of ikebana, and Ohararyu Ikebana are the most popular ones.

At the Expo, senior experts from Sogetsu Ikebana, Ikenobo Origin of Ikebana, and Ohararyu Ikebana will be invited to show and impart Japanese ikebana art.

Rubiks cube performance and books exhibition ready to widen your vision

Sissi is a popular film in China through which Chinese audiences don’t only know Empress Elisabeth of Austria, but also Hungary, its beautiful landscapes and splendid culture.

At the expo, the Consulate-General of Hungary in Chongqing will display the splendid culture and special tourism products and recommend various tourism routes. At the same time, visitors can taste Hungarian wines and learn the knowledge of wines.

the vineyard in Hungary

Do you know Hungary invented the Rubik’s cube? Therefore, various products and games of Rubik’s cube will be shown at the Hungarian Pavilion of the CICTIE, and professionals will show their excellent skills of playing Rubik’s cubes. What’s more, the book exhibition and the painting exhibition will be held at the Hungarian Pavilion. Professionals will introduce Hungarian literature and stories of authors by then. Meanwhile, an old photo exhibition about Hungarian culture and history in the first half of the 20th century will be held at CWFC in Jiefangbei.  

In addition to experiencing foreign culture and folk customs, visitors can buy imported products at the Expo. Over 20 countries’ pavilions of Chongqing International Exhibition & Trading Center will bring hundreds of products to the Expo. Visitors can go there to watch performances and join in activities like the lucky draw.


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