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Enjoy the Hot Pot Festival and Experience the Chongqing's Food Culture


Chongqing- On October 16, the China Chongqing Hot Pot Food Festival will begin for hot pot foodies. The hot pot festival this year will start from October 16 to 18, at Chongqing International Expo Center. The annual hot pot festival will show the world the development results of Chongqing’s hot pot industry and bring a spicy carnival feast to people in this city at the same time.

In addition, iChongqing will have a live stream for the hot pot festival on Facebook and YouTube to show the world Chongqing’s lifestyle.

Chongqing hot pot

Spicy Music Festival helps out, with a large exhibition area this year

The hot pot festival had held 11 times before. The most anticipated part for this year will be set at the North Square in Chongqing International Expo Center. There will be lots of different brands of Chongqing’s hot pot, including some famous ones, waiting for visitors in Chongqing or other provinces, even other countries. You can go there to join the hot pot festival to pick the one you like the most to taste, enjoying Chongqing’s unique lifestyle.


The snack – fried pork (the hot pot festival last year)

At the same time, the Spicy Music Festival, created by a famous local band in Chongqing, will kick off on the main stage of North Square on October 16 and 17 night.

the exhibition area for this year is 60,000 square meters, and it is the largest area among all 11 festivals before. There will be more than 300 hot pot brand companies from all over China participated in the exhibition and more than 40,000 people including hot pot food wholesalers, distributors, hot pot operators, and franchisees join in the carnival.

Besides, in the context of strict implementation of the relevant requirements for pandemic prevention and control, it is expected that more than 100,000 people can be received.


The foodie carnival attracted lots of people (the hot pot festival last year).

The interactive event between Chongqing and Chengdu to co-promote hot pot

During the hot pot festival, you can not only taste hot pot but also walk around the exhibition to learn about ingredients, cultural products, drink, and more. There, you can learn about hotpot-related information on tradition, culture, retail, and so on. Meanwhile, exhibitors will bring exclusive and first-hand resources to provide practitioners and visitors with a new display scene of the hot pot industry that integrates visits, negotiations, and purchases. It will present the upgrading of Chongqing’s hotpot structure and China’s catering industry development trend.


The ceremony to celebrate the event and to remember the food left by hot pot ancestors (the hot pot festival last year).

Meanwhile, Chengdu and Chongqing will simultaneously hold the opening ceremony of the 12th China Chongqing Hot Pot Food Festival and the 17th Chengdu International Food Festival, on the morning of October 16. This is the way to further promote the exchange and cooperation of the catering industry in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle.

Additionally, the hot pot delicacy caravan will depart on the occasion, bringing Chongqing’s spicy and delicious hot pot to Chengdu.

Foodies are tasting the world’s largest hot pot (the hot pot festival last year).

The online hot pot festival to continue until the end of the year

Moreover, the organizers of the carnival will cooperate with Meituan and Dianping to launch China’s first online delicacy brand pavilion-Chongqing Hotpot Brand Pavilion during the hot pot festival to create an online foodie carnival.

It will collect different hotpot brands and their discounts in Chongqing to extend the hot pot festival to the whole year. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the hot pot festival in real-time and choose their favorite hot pot restaurants for consumption.


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