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Less Visited but Attractive Parks in Chongqing


Parks in Chongqing boast sceneries that are hard to take your eyes off. They’re perfect for relaxing in your spare time. Here’s a guide to the less frequented but still fascinating parks.

Lizipo Park, Feima Village

Lizipo Park is transformed from a barren hill, with unique topographical features.

The park is enclosed between the city and forests. Inside it, red and blue footpaths are interspersed with colorful flowers. Stepping in it, you will feel like being in a fairy tale world. The nearby Zhuxi River Park under construction is dotted with rockeries and creeks, making it ideal for taking photos with ancient styles.

Add.: Shuitu High-tech Industrial Park, Beibei District

Bus Line: take No. 6 to Zhuangyuanbei Stop and then take No. 968B to get off at Sanwan Stop

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Jinshan Avenue—Yinchuan–Kunming Interchange—Chongqing Ring Expressway—Lizipo Park

Yunshu Park

Yunshu Park is near the Golden Bay Forest Park.

There are flowers and its footpaths connect to the surrounding areas. You can enjoy the river view from here. In addition, the park is equipped with WiFi, water sensing devices, a rainwater recycling system, and electronic guided tours. After visiting the park, you can also go to the Hongfan flower market to buy flowers.

Add.: Hongfan Road by the Jialing River, Liangjiang New Area

Bus Line: take Nos. 869 or 846 and get off at Yujiang Casting Plant Stop

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing— Inner Ring Expressway—Huangshan Avenue—Yunshu Park

Sanbanxi Park

With snow-capped mountain, lawn, and flower field as the backdrop, you can take beautiful photos anywhere in the park.

Sanbanxi Park is close to Fusheng Railway Station, with convenient transportation. It has clean water, green mountains, and flowers everywhere. The scene of fog looming over the back hills provides a better backdrop.

Add.: Near Fusheng Railway Station, Jiangbei District

Bus Line: 1. take the train (two round-trip trains between Chongqingbei Railway Station and Fusheng Railway Station every day); 2. take the direct coach at Hongqihegou

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Shanghai–Chongqing Expressway—Shengxing Avenue—Fusheng Railway Station—Sanbanxi Park

Longwan Forest Park

Longwan Forest Park is only a 1 km walk away. What’s even more surprising is that you can drive to visit this park. It is also a popular science education base for students of the city, with 78 statues of endangered animals, especially suitable for children.

Add.: Near S101, Liangjiang New Area

Bus Line: take the train (two round-trip trains between Chongqingbei Railway Station and Fusheng Railway Station every day); 2. take the direct coach at Hongqihegou

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Yuhang Avenue—Zhangjialiang Interchange—Shengxing Avenue—Longwan Forest Park

Siyuan Park

Siyuan Park

Located in Shuitu area, Siyuan Park offers open green lawns, small wildflowers, and pristine natural landscapes. It can be regarded as a secret area behind the city. There are colorful walking trails, tennis courts, basketball courts, and playgrounds for children.

There’s a temple on the mountain called Guanfochan Temple. You can hear bells ringing and Buddha worshiping from the temple at the bottom of the mountain. Of course, you can also go inside and get a feel for the atmosphere.

Add.: The southeast corner of the intersection of Yuefu Avenue and Fangzheng Avenue, Shuitu High-tech Industrial Park, Liangjiang New Area

Bus Line: take the CRT Line 3 to Chongqing Garden Expo Park Station and then take

Bus No. 965 to get off at Dongyue Stop

Driving route: Main urban areas of Chongqing—Jinshan Avenue—Yuelai Avenue—Yuefu Avenue—Siyuan Park

Jinzhou Park

Jinzhou Park

Jinzhou Park, adjacent to Jiuqu River Wetland Park in the north, has recently opened, and its swaying trees and babbling water make it look like a paradise. Looking like a big garden, it also has an oversized lawn, as well as a children’s playground, an adult playing area, and a walking area for the elderly.

Add.: Jinzhou Avenue, Yubei District

Bus Line: take No. 848 to get off at Pingning Road Stop

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing— Inner Ring Expressway—Jinshan Avenue—Jinzhou Park

Meiyin Sports Park

Meiyin Sports Park

Meiyin Sports Park is a large urban park with fitness trails, abundant vegetation, and observation decks with beautiful views. The park has an oversized lawn with a LOVE-shaped installation in the middle for a couple of photos. It also has colorful flowers throughout the year, making it a pleasant place to visit.

There is a wide, red plastic paved fitness trail that runs through the park, nearly four kilometers long. Both sides of the trail are lined with green plants, making it perfect for the elderly and children to exercise.

Add.: Jingwei Avenue, Jiulongpo District

Bus Line: take No. 873 or BRT buses to get off at Meiyinhegu Stop

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Hutouyan Tunnel—Jingwei Avenue—Meiyin Sports Park

Xingfu Park

After visiting the park, you can also visit the Huayan Temple.

Xingfu Park is built on the hillside. Strolling around, you can enjoy the flowers and trees, have a rest, and hike. There is also a field of flowers that bloom throughout the year. You can take a stroll in it and enjoy the fresh air. 

Add.: No. 17-40 of the north section of Huafu Avenue, Jiulongpo District

Bus Line: take Nos. 427 or 482 and get off at Xingfu Park

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Jingwei Avenue—Yingbin Avenue—Hualong Avenue—Xingfu Park


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