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Enjoy Rural Beauty, Variety Lifestyle at the Flower Expo


Chongqing- If you are one of those people who’ve grown tired of living in big cities and want to try something new, explore something rare in this autumn, without having to travel for long distances, the Chongqing Garden Expo Park might just be the right place for you now.

The 3rd Upper Yangtze River City Flower Art Expo (UCFA) is currently being held at the Chongqing Garden Expo Park. This year’s event will last 10 days till next Thursday and has an exhibition area of 48,000 square meters and a participation area of 1,000,000 square meters, which is about ten times the size of its previous editions in Jiangbeizui CBD.

As two of the eight main themed exhibition areas in the park, the “Rural Beauty” and the “Variety Lifestyle” sections bring you the “magic beans” for poverty alleviation in Chongqing’s 18 poverty-stricken towns and townships, as well as more than 200 retail booths for cultural creative products and agricultural specialty products.

“Magic beans” for Poverty Alleviation

It might be weird for you to see agricultural products in a fancy flower expo, but the strange feelings will soon disappear when you see the ingeniously built pavilion for the “Rural Beauty” exhibition area. It’s a very typical farmyard, with wicker baskets loaded with all sorts of vegetables and farm produce laying on the wooden shelves of the yard.

Concept photo of the Rural Beauty exhibition area.

This is a specially designed exhibition area aimed at showcasing the local governments’ achievements in poverty alleviation and rural rejuvenation, given how 2020 marks the final stage of China’s war against extreme poverty.

Visitors will be able to see the soybeans from Fengjie County, the dried fragrant mushrooms, peanuts and daylily flowers from Youyang County, the self-made ginsengs from Chengkou County, the mung beans, chilies, and edible black funguses from Pengshui County, the Chinese chestnuts from Wushan County, the dried bamboo shoots, lemons, eggs laid by home-kept hens, and preserved eggs from Wanzhou District, and the spring tea, summer tea, and autumn tea from Xiushan County. By the way, these products are also for sale during their live streaming sale promotion events. So if you are any interested in buying some specialties or simply helping out the poor, don’t miss out on the “Rural Beauty” pavilion.

Florists and creative makers

More than 200 booths have been allocated for florists and makers of cultural creative products along the pathways of the park during the flower expo, which makes up the “Variety Lifestyle” exhibition area. Using retail booths to decorate the walkways with some of the longest distances between themed exhibition areas makes the tour routes more interesting and less exhausting, enabling visitors to truly enjoy themselves when exploring the extensively large park.

Potted succulent plants for sale at a retail booth.

Among the hundreds of flowers, retailers attended the “Variety Lifestyle” section include brands such as the Wanghai Capital of Flowers and the Grandma Bear’s Garden, which are the two largest florists in the city and have participated in the expo for two consecutive years. You can also find a lot of cultural creative products here such as purple orchid essence, succulent plants, potted miniature trees, refined Rongchang potteries, and amine model figurines.


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