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Lively Junge Bookstore with Chongqing-ethos Hiding in Old Street


Just after 3:00 p.m., October 19, Junge Bookstore saw a very lively scene. Gou Jun, the owner of the bookstore, quickly got up after sitting down to make tea for coming guests.

The Junge Bookstore

The bungalow was built in 1977. Going through the gates with couplets, you can see the whole bookstore. The bookshelves are filled with used books on literature and the history of Chongqing. The desk transformed from door panels is filled with objects made by Gou and from his customers. The mottled wall is covered with his collected maps and doorplates.

The corner of the old street in Huangjueping

Gou said he has been collecting books since the late 1980s, so he has collected many books and maps when traveling. With a deeper understanding of Chongqing’s history and culture, he became obsessed with collecting books on the subject. By 2018, he had amassed a collection of nearly 20,000 books, most of them about Chongqing’s literature and history. Gou started this bookstore in February 2018, after his retirement from Chongqing Power Plant.

The corner of the old street in Huangjueping

This bookstore attracted many non-local tourists. In particular, it was filled with crowds during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, when Gou gave away more than 200 maps of Chongqing’s traffic maps and introduced the history of Chongqing, which was warmly welcomed by tourists.

The bookstore always surprises citizens. “Junge Bookstore is a treasure. Here, you can find many unexpected historical records about Chongqing,” said Yuan Yu. Zhang Ming bought more than 10 books about Chongqing’s history and culture here. “I always find what I need in here.”

“The bookstore will also convey people’s love, so as to create a warmer social atmosphere,” said Gou Jun, who is determined to keep the bookstore running so that more people can learn about and love Chongqing.


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