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3rd Upper Yangtze River City Flower Art Expo Kicks off


Chongqing- The 3rd China (Chongqing) Upper Yangtze River City Flower Art Expo was officially inaugurated at the Chongqing Garden Expo Park on Oct. 20. The flower expo continues the theme of “a city of mountains and rivers, a place of beauties and blessings,” and is scheduled to last ten days till Oct. 29.

The performance stage for the opening ceremony of the flower expo.

“Creating a more pleasant living environment in urban areas is an important means to satisfy citizen’s growing need for a more fulfilled and wonderful life,” said Chen Zhong, chairman of the China Society of Landscape and Architecture keynote speech to the opening ceremony. He also highly praised Chongqing’s commitment to continuously improving the urban landscape by adapting to and taking inspirations from its unique geographic features.

“Fowers are the emblem of beauty and the envoy of friendship,” Li Weichao, secretary of the CPC Jiangbei District Committee, said in his speech. “With the flower expo’s venue moving from the previous Jiangbeizui CBD to the Chongqing Garden Expo Park, with its eight themed exhibition areas taking both online and offline forms, and with Sichuan Province being invited as the main guest province, this year’s event will surely bring a much better participation experience for all.”

Dancers perform on the stage during the opening ceremony of the flower expo.

Compared with its previous two editions, this year’s flower expo has many distinctive features and shining traits.

For one, Sichuan Province is invited to cohost the series of local exhibitions in the “Twin Cities Concerto” pavilion, pushing the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle’s construction further into various fields. For another, the flower decorations placed along the winding pathways and lanes blend well with the park’s overall landscape, allowing the exhibition areas and the garden to become a unified whole.

The “Flower Dome” pavilion is one of the eight themed exhibition areas of the flower expo.

Then there’s the expanded size. This year’s event has an exhibition area of 48,000 square meters and a participation area of one million square meters, which is almost ten times the size of its previous two editions. What’s more, the simultaneous opening of both online and offline events will make the expo reach a large audience, not to mention the added influence from the sub-venues in the city’s 38 counties and districts.

A host of other activities is also slated to occur during the ongoing flower expo, such as the Open-Air Park Music Festival, the Flower Expo Carnival, the Amateur Photography Campaign, the Han Costumes Flower Dynasty Festival, etc.


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