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Chongqing Will Welcome 2 to 3 More National Tourist Resorts


In recent years, full-fledged tourist resorts gradually top the list of places where people want to spend their holidays. In response to that, Chongqing plans to build 2 to 3 more state-level resorts in the next 5 years to enrich people’s choices.

The Fairy Mountain in Wulong District

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, the only national tourist resort in Chongqing, was upgraded again this year, introducing Lanba Scenic Spot, which is embedded with over 20 attractions, such as gardens, a characteristic museum, and Zhuyin Theater. Tourists can either go sightseeing or spend a leisurely holiday here.

The Fairy Mountain in Wulong District

Municipal-level tourist resorts, hating to be outdone, also make efforts to better themselves. Not long ago, Mount Jinfo launched the Starry Sky Camping Base, supplemented by Jungle Adventure, hot springs, and other facilities, to meet visitors’ needs.

The Jinfo Mountain in Nanchuan District

Chongqing has already had one national and 16 municipal tourist resorts, covering such themes as “rehabilitation in forests,” “hot springs and healthcare,” and “outdoor sightseeing.” The city plans to create 2 to 3 more national and 10 more municipal resorts in the following 5 years, in a bid further to enhance the appeal of Chongqing’s cultural tourism industry.

The Jinfo Mountain in Nanchuan District


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