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Beibei to Hold the 3rd China Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism


Chongqing- To further promote Chongqing’s image as the “World Capital of Hot Springs,” and to push ahead the quality develop the city’s big health industries, the 3rd China International Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism will be held in Beibei District from Nov. 26 to 27, according to a press briefing of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Commission on Tuesday.

Ma Bin (L-2), the first-level inspector of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Commission, Liu Yong (C), vice mayor of Yubei District, and Zhao Ying (R-2), chairman of the Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Industry Association, attend the press briefing.

This year’s event is organized by the Asia Pacific Institute for Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism (APIHC), the Chongqing Folk Musical Troupe, and the Jinyun Mountain North Hot Spring Resort, under the guidance of the Municipal Culture and Tourism and Development Commission, the Municipal Meteorology Bureau, and the Beibei District People’s Government.

Themed “Hot Spring Innovation, Health Empowerment,’ the symposium will invite international brands of hot spring hotels and hydrotherapy products, as well as experts in hot spring branding, to take on the subjects of hot spring industry innovation, and have in-depth discussions on how to better promote the quality development of the industry.

A wide range of activities and campaigns are scheduled for the upcoming symposium, including the 1st China Hot Spring Products Exhibition, the 7th China Hot Spring Tourism Promotion Season, and an achievement release event for Chongqing’s key hot spring projects in 2020.

Representatives from relevant authorities such as the Chongqing Fold Musical Troupe (L-3, Front) as well as national and local media outlets are invited to the press briefing.

As the country’s first major exhibition focused on hot spring products, the exhibition will present hundreds of hydrotherapy products, hot spring facilities, and related creative cultural products. While at the same time, a series of fun Q&A competitions and sales promotion events will be organized to promote the popularization of hydrotherapeutic knowledge and to share benefits with citizens.

The annual China Hot Spring Tourism Promotion Season is sponsored by the China Hot Spring Tourism Association and takes place in a different city every year. Chongqing’s being chosen to host the 7th edition of the event shows the strong support and acknowledgment the city has received from the national association in developing hot spring tourism. Hundreds of the member enterprises of the China Hot Spring Association will then gather in Chongqing to share experiences and exchange opinions with industry leaders and market participants.

What’s more, the official fine routes for Chongqing’s hot spring tourism spots, the achievements of Chongqing’s master plan for hydrotherapy industry development, and the results of the city’s series of studies on hot spring tourism and hydrotherapy will also be published during the release event.

The 3rd China International Symposium on Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy Tourism will be held in Beibei District from Nov. 26 to 27.

Under the new regional development framework of constructing the Chengdu-Chonqing Economic Circle, a strategic partnership will be inked among the China Hot Spring Tourism Association, the Chongqing Hot Spring Tourism Industry Association, and the Sichuan Hot Spring Tourism Association.

Unlike its previous two editions, this year’s symposium will shift the focus from academic research and application of hot spring projects to innovation of hot spring products. Other than inviting famous brand representatives to give keynote speeches and share experiences, swarms of new market opportunities are also likely to sprout through the interactive cooperation among the various sectors of hot spring, health management, creative culture, beauty care, and catering.


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