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High Quality Living Underscores Yubei District Gateway to Chongqing


Chongqing- The two-character name of Yubei first appeared on the Longxi Memorial Archway in the Bayu Folk Culture Park, which traces back to the Qing Dynasty.


Terminal 3 of Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport of Yubei District.

However, the history of Yubei goes back much further than this archway. The origins of Yubei began in the Qin and Han Dynasties and later flourished during the Ming and Qing.

Two rivers embrace the district, while three mountain ridges form a natural partition through the lands. As a result, Yubei District has stood guard in the north of Chongqing since ancient times.

Nowadays, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing North Railway Station are located in this district, which has earned Yubei the symbolic reputation as the gateway to Chongqing, and where Chongqing and the world are closest together.


Bijin Park near Jiangbei Airport.

In Yubei, the touchdown of airplanes, the blaze of home lights in the fading twilight, the spirals of kitchen smoke from rural dwellings, and the fire basins of ancestral halls where incense is lit, everything reflects the sentiment of familial attachment.

Here, the departure of every train, the fruition of hi-tech innovation, the prosperity of cutting-edge industry, and fashionable metropolitan life are all within grasp.

Maybe it is the precise reason millions of people come together and part ways in Chongqing’s north gate that Yubei possesses an intense affection for home.


Tongjing Hot Spring Resort in Yubei District.

Longxing Ancient Town has experienced over 600 years of vicissitudes. Historical sites like Longxing Temple, Longzang Palace, and Building One are steeped in past emperors’ legends.

There are ancestral temples scattered around the town, where the architectural pattern is set out west and east. It has recorded the years of great emigrations, leaving behind strong feelings of nostalgia.

The pear, plum, peach, cherry orchards of Fangniuping, Yufeng Mountain, Yinhe, and Dasheng blossom in the spring breeze each year, leaving visitors a nostalgic sensation of familiarity blended with faces unknown.


Longxing Ancient Town.

The Chongqing Bayu Folk Museum lies in central Yubei adjacent to Bijin Park. Therein lies historical treasures such as the carved gold lacquer flower bed and shrine dating from the Qing Dynasty. The engraved depictions of folklore scenes such as farming and weddings tell the most original Bayu stories.

In recent years, Yubei District has worked vigorously to improve the urban and countryside residential environment so that families continue taking root here, and thus grow a deep attachment to this district that promises a future of high-end living.

In the countryside, Yubei District has paid great attention to the maintenance of pastoral scenery, local customs, and traditional styles whilst bringing ecological advantages of green mountains and green waters to the forefront. Here, natural endowments and cultural resources have been combined to offer idyllic getaways such as Fangniuping that embody Bayu’s original beauty.


The Xiantao International Big Data Valley.

In the downtown areas, Yubei District is focusing on nine key aspects in urban planning, which are construction, management, transportation, infrastructure, landscapes, water resources, humanities, innovation, and optimized functionality to accelerate the creation of an international airport metropolis that is perfect for low carbon residence and business.

In Yubei District today, visual appeal and environmental quality have been significantly improved. All corners of the district are standardized to be clean, tidy, and orderly. Over 150 parks have been built so that green coverage in the area exceeds 45%.

The concept of a garden city means you can push open the window and enjoy attractive green landscapes wherever you choose to look. The comprehensive level of urban management has been optimized to meet the real needs of the people who seek a more refined, intelligent, and personalized living environment.


The Yuelai International Exhibition Centre.

In recent years, Chongqing, the city of mountains and rivers, has become a top destination in countless domestic and foreign tourists’ minds. Needless to say, Yubei is most likely their first port of call.

Each day, the Airport City of Yubei welcomes visitors from all corners with easy connections, international fashion, and modern innovation.

In Yubei, the concept of that faraway land bears the longing and expectation people hold for the future.


A visitor ambles in Yubei Central Park.

Chongqing Creative Park, known as the 798 Art District, is a perfect location for culturally innovative workers.

Designed architectural spaces inside the park offer themed miniature scenic areas throughout and have attracted over 500 culturally innovative enterprises in the design, network culture, animation, games, radio, film, and television.

Hundreds of culturally innovative activities are held every year, and tens of thousands of young people work and live here.


Fangniuping Village.

Elsewhere, the Xiantao International Big Data Valley is the ideal place for scientific and technological workers.
The spatial pattern surrounded by mountains and rivers, tropical miniature beaches, ripple effect planning experience halls, the building block castle of Xiantao Academy, and urban landmarks reveal the breadth of fashion and technology.

At present, Yubei District is accelerating the construction and upgrade of projects such as Jiaranzhijia Smart Home Town, Fashion Town, Shengming World Trade City, Southwest International Automobile Trade City, Huanshan Food and Leisure Park, and Sanya Bay Seafood Food City.

This series of upgrades will accelerate the agglomeration and development of the modern service industry in Airport City and create a high-quality modern consumption corridor worth 100 billion yuan.


Yubei possesses mountains and water resources many times compared to other districts in Chongqing Urban Area.

In addition, Yubei District is setting up the Two Rivers International Business Center in Central Park to accelerate the development of Wuyue Plaza, Longfor Paradise Walk, COFCO Joy City, and urban commercial construction complex projects such as KWG Tai Fu, Youfang, and Vanke Wisdom Valley.

The top twelve scenic spots of Bayu include a wealth of hot spring resources, the beautiful seas of cloud amidst Zhoujiashan Bridge, the renowned Zhangguan water cave, and the wonderful scenic views from Yunguishan Forest Park.

As a pivotal district in the Chongqing Urban Area, Yubei has ten times the area of ​​natural mountains and water resources than the other city districts.

Treasures of cultural innovation

In Yubei, people can admire a carved six-pillar and five-eaves gold bed built in the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty. It took three years to decorate with over 200 grams of gold. It is a traditional Chongqing-style bed that features a canopy and private space. It has a three-layer fascia board, with a combination of both hollowed and relief carvings of flowers, birds, and grapevines. It is known as China’s first bed and is classed as a national second tier cultural relic.

The memorial archway was built in 1895 by the National Treasury to commend Mengwang for the dedicated hard work of raising an only child. The 120-year-old archway was moved entirely to Bijin Park due to road construction nearby in 1997.

In Yubei, there is a gold-engraved family shrine 4.7 meters high and 1.7 meters wide. It is a true rarity in China in terms of size, integrity, and exquisite workmanship. It is known as the first cabinet shrine in Bayu and consists of a seat, main body, and a roof. In the middle is a Heaven and Earth tablet, above which two carved dragons are trying to grab the treasure, while four flying dragons are wrapped around the pillars on both sides to keep guard.


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