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Chongqing Showcase · Yubei Tonglong Route: Feel the Featured Landscape and Experience Culture and Nature


The 24-kilometer-long Tonglong Route starts from Tongjing Town and extends to Longxing Town via Shichuan Town, treasuring the unique cultural heritage and natural scenery of Yubei District. In addition to the refreshing natural hot springs, you can experience the cultural charm of ancient and modern times and play exciting indoor extreme sports, which will definitely make your trip unforgettable.


Overview of Tonglong Route

Only when history is preserved and change is preferred can we discover our own culture. Tonglong Route is a boutique tourist route launched by Yubei District Culture and Tourism Development Commission with the theme of “hot springs, recreation, folklore experience, and extreme sports”. Along the route, historical and cultural heritage are interwoven, and the changes of the past and present Chongqing are vividly shown.


Scenic Spot Introduction of Tonglong Route

Paihua Cave

Paihua Cave

Paihua Cave is located at the entrance of Huashan Tunnel of Yuchang Expressway, which is not only the junction of five towns, but also a tourist scenic area integrating mountain, water, forest, spring, cave, and gorge scenery. It has unique natural resources, such as 35-kilometer long underground waterfall limestone caves, as well as Lianhua Cave, canyon, and steep cliff, Paihua Waterfalls, reflecting its abundance in natural landscape and uniqueness in the cultural landscape. Paihua Cave Tourist Area, built along the mountains, hidden in the forest and having fresh air and mountain ranges, is one of the Twelve Scenic Spots of Ancient Bashu Region. Paihua Cave is also an underground canyon and has the reputation of “Underground Miniature Three Gorges”. It consists of three gorges: Paihua Gorge, Qianru Gorge, and Qingren Gorge.

Address: Paihuadong Village, Yubei District

Jihua Park

Jihua Park

Jihua Park is the only indoor extreme sports center in the main city and the largest in southwest China. It is the first building facility in China that integrates extreme sports, fashion, shopping, and hotel accommodation into one. There are indoor parachute jumping, extreme rock climbing, indoor skiing, indoor surfing, playful rock climbing, cave exploration, walking gliding, free trampoline, high altitude barrier climbing, and other projects. If you want to experience extreme sports, don’t miss it! Under the guidance of professional coaches, doing extreme sports can not only relieve the pressure of work and life of adults but also make children enjoy themselves.

Address: No. 188, Jihuayuan Road South, Longxing Town, Yubei District

Liangjiang International Film City

Liangjiang International Film City

Liangjiang International Film City is a national 4A level tourist attraction, which is based on the period of Chongqing being the supplementary capital and the background of Bayu culture. Old buildings were restored at a ratio of 1:1, and many TV dramas and movies have been filmed here, such as 1942, Chongqing Negotiation, Cairo Declaration, etc. This place has concentrated the charm of Chongqing and inherited its history, culture, and folk customs from generation to generation. The nostalgic atmosphere of old Chongqing is on display here, with buildings such as the Monument of Victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Hendly Watch Shop, the Zhongfa Pharmacy, the Cathay Theater, and the Xinhua Daily Business Office. You could wander through the bustling shops, step on the ancient and clumsy stone stairs, put on vintage student clothes and cheongsam, and indulge yourself in the authentic old Chongqing as if you were back in the days of the capital. The irregular tour shows in the resort create an atmosphere that brings you an immersive experience into the movies.

Address: Liangjiang International Film City, Longxing Ancient Town, Yubei District

Longxing Ancient Town

Longxing Ancient Town

Longxing Ancient Town is located in the “half-hour economic zone” along the second ring highway in the main city of Chongqing, and was named as China’s famous historical and cultural town in 2005 and it is also the closest Chinese historical and cultural town to the main city of Chongqing. The town is one of the few towns that have not been over-commercialized, and the ancestral halls throughout the town are rich in cultural heritage, with residents mainly being local aborigines. It is internally decorated by uneven rocky roads with two-story buildings on both sides of the streets, black tiles on the sloping roofs, carvings on the gates, and civil constructions on the corner of cornices. The old streets are dotted with the century-old taverns, soy workshops, workshops for extracting cooking oil, wineries, and other shops.

Address: No. 1, Nongmen Gate South, Longxing Town, Yubei District

Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area

Tongjing Hot Spring

Located in the beautiful Yulin riverside of Yubei District, Tongjing Hot Spring Scenic Area is a national 4A-grade scenic area, where the Tongjing Gorge and Monkey and Tongjing Hot Spring were awarded twice the title of “12 Attractions in Chongqing”. Covering mountains, water forests, springs, gorges, caves, waterfalls, Tianchi lakes, islets, old villages, eagles, etc., the scenic area can be deemed as the “Museum of Nature” and is praised as “Wuling Fairyland” by the literati in the different dynasty of ancient China. Integrating calcium sulfate hot spring and heavy calcium carbonate cold spring and greatly benefited from the characteristics of large flow water, high water temperature, premium water quality, and excellent medical value in scientific popularization, the scenic area ranks the top in China and the first in the Southwest region of China with the extreme rich hot spring resources. The scenic area is surrounded by water mist with natural water; In addition to hot springs, the Three Gorges of Tongjing fascinate us with spectacular peaks, exquisite rockets, mountain springs, waterfalls, soaring eagles, and lovely monkeys; Ganying Cave impresses us with wonderfulness, exquisiteness, and mysteriousness; Wentang River amazes us by rippling, swaying boats and frisky water. All of these are really unmissable! Tongjing hot springs can nourish the body all the year by hot spring in winter and cold spring in summer respectively, making people comfortable and refreshing and will truly bring people health by warm hot springs with the really beautiful scenery of ink painting in Tongjing!

Address: No. 66, Jingquan Road, Tongjing Town, Yubei District


Cultural Stories along Tonglong Route

A Legend of Green Dragon Cave in Yinhe Village

There is a legend about Green Dragon Cave: a long time ago, there was no rainfall for half a year around Yinhe village for dozens of miles. The sun parched the land and the crops as if a fire without water even in the well. Therefore, people carried shrines as a sacrifice to the Dragon Lord, hoping a rainfall to save them. The people’s prayer reached the Dragon Palace, but the old Dragon King remembered what had happened a year before: he rained a little more in Yinhe village and caused a flood, so the people had reported it to the Jade Emperor, who had fined it a month’s salary. Afterward, no matter how sincerely the people prayed for, the old dragon King ignored them and also prevented the other dragons from raining. It didn’t work after the villagers prayed for forty-nine days. There was not a black cloud in the sky, let alone a drop of rain. People had to go to a river dozens of miles away to get water for living in the daytime and continued to beg the Dragon Lord in the evening. Finally, a little Green Dragon was moved by the people. So it begged the dragon King to rain for saving the suffering people. However, instead of listening to the advice, the old Dragon King scolded the little Green Dragon. Even so, it still decided to make a rainfall on silence. This exact rain saved the crops in the fields and the people in the vibrant Yinhe Village made a better life again. The rainfall by the little Green Dragon without permission was known by the Dragon King, beating the little Green Dragon out of the Dragon Palace and shutting it up in a cave by flying into a rage. In order to commemorate the merits and virtues of the little Green Dragon, people go to the cave of the little Green Dragon to burn incense on April 28 every year. Locked in the cave, the little Green Dragon extremely missed the world and always head to the cave, looking at people living happily without regret on the punishment of what it had done for the villagers. As time flies, the little Green Dragon became a stone statue, standing on the top of the cave. Nowadays, people can also see the little Green Dragon locked in the cave, holding its head high and looking at the beautiful Yinhe Villag


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