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Chongqing Welcomes New 4A-level Tourist Attractions


Assessed by Chongqing Tourist Attractions Quality Evaluation Committee, Andover Ocean Park, Shisun Mountain Scenic Area, Huilongzhuang Scenic Area (Jiangjin District), Chongqing Three Gorges Immigrant Memorial Hall, Baigong Temple Heritage, and Museum Scenic Area (Zhongxian County), and The Summit of Three Gorges Scenic Area (Fengjie County) have been approved as national 4A-level tourist attractions.

Shisun Mountain Scenic Area, Yongchuan District

Source: Yongchuan Headline

Shisun Mountain is famous for its male stalagmite peaks and female stalagmite peaks, giving its name of “mountain of love in the western area and a blessed land of immortals.”

The mountain is smoggy all year round, and you can experience the different scenery of the two peaks.

It is a great place for going mountain hiking, visiting lakes, resting in a farmhouse, picking fruits, and appreciating historical sites. You can drive or take the green train to get here.

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Inner Ring Expressway—Chengyu Ring Expressway—S311—S208—Shisun Mountain

Bus: Take a shuttle bus at Longtousi Coach Terminal or Chenjiaping Coach Terminal to Yongchuan and then take a shuttle bus to Bolin

Huilongzhuang Scenic Area, Jiangjin District

Source: Jiangjin District Broadcast Television Station

Huilongzhuang, a mysterious and low-key “luxury house” hidden in the mountains, is billed as Chongqing’s version of Forbidden City, with thousands of treasures inside.

It comprises three rows of courtyards, with the building area covering more than 20,000 square meters.

Its skeleton consists of 328 stone columns, each weighing 5,000 kg, making it more difficult to build at that time.

However, it is still unknown where these pillars came from and how they were put up several centuries ago.

Driving route: Downtown Chongqing—Inner Ring Expressway—Chongqing Ring Expressway—Jiangjin-Xishui Expressway—S312—Huilongzhuang

Baigong Temple Heritage and Museum Scenic Area, Zhongxian County

Source: Zhongxian Tourism/ Yang Shilong

To commemorate Bai Juyi, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, the Baigong Temple was built in the Song Dynasty and rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty in Zhongxian, where Bai Juyi once lived.

On the bank of Mingyu Stream in Zhongxian County, the scenic area consists of the Baigong Temple and Zhongzhou Museum.

There are scenes of Bai Juyi having fun with the people and an introduction to his two-year life in Zhongzhou. On the Xiangshan Mountain, where Baigong Temple is located, manglietia fordiana is in bloom, Bai Juyi’s favorite.

Driving route: Main urban area—Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway—Tanjiazhai Tunnel—G348—Zhongxian Baigong Temple

The Summit of Three Gorges Scenic Area, Fengjie County

Source: Fengjie Release/ Wang Chuangui

The Summit of Three Gorges, the highest point here, was officially opened to the public on May 1 this year.

Standing on the viewing platform at the Summit of Three Gorges, visitors can bask in the picturesque scenery on both sides of the Qutang Gorge and admire

the two-million-year-old Kuimen ancient elephant fossils. At the fort ruins near Chijia Buildings, you can indulge yourself in the ancient battlefield atmosphere.

Standing on the Summit of Three Gorges, a sentiment of fearless heroism will rise inside you.

Driving route: Main urban area—Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway—Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway—Pingqu Highway—The Summit of Three Gorges

Chongqing Three Gorges Immigration Memorial

Source: Chongqing Three Gorges Immigration Memorial

Located in the Civic Square of Jiangnan New Area, Wanzhou District, the Chongqing Three Gorges Immigration Memorial is the only dedicated memorial hall to commemorate the millions of immigrants from the Three Gorges Reservoir Region. It is also the historical and cultural protection, research, and exhibition center in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region.

Public cultural services and social publicity and education are continuously carried out here, aiming to encourage young students to learn from those immigrants’ great spirit, get to know the Three Gorges’ immigration culture and historical culture, and set the great ambition of serving the country. Now the memorial has been included in the first batch of national primary and secondary school research education practice bases, Chongqing patriotism education bases, and Chongqing youth education bases.

Driving route: Main urban area—Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway—Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway—Shanghai-Chengdu Line—Chongqing Three Gorges Immigration Memorial

Andover Ocean Park

Source: Banan District Culture and Tourism Development Bureau

Located in Longzhouwan, Banan District, Andover Ocean Park comprises two theme parks: Ocean Park (opened all year) and Dolphin Bay Water Park (opened every summer and closed this year).

Andover Ocean Park has two major theme pavilions, the Rainforest Pavilion and the Ocean Pavilion, displaying hundreds of species of creatures and containing a number of distinctive theme exhibition areas.

These theme exhibition areas simulate different natural landscapes and marine ecological landscapes, embodying the ocean’s enticing glamour.

Driving route: Main urban area—Jiangnan Avenue—Yunan Avenue—Chongqing Andover Ocean Park

Bus: Take Bus Line 3 and get off at Xuetangwan Station


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