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2020 Chongqing Showcase of Cultural Travel and Innovative Products Reaches Successful Conclusion


Chongqing- As Wulong District released the final installment of Chongqing Showcase 2020 this past week, the second season promotion of the best cultural travel and products each county has to offer came to a successful conclusion.

2020 Chongqing Showcase saw the introduction of live promotional broadcasts hosted by county leaders, which struck a chord with netizens across the country, who enjoyed the unique opportunity to snap up top delicacies and products from afar while making their future visit to Mountain City that little bit closer.

Beginning in early June, the online carnival took place between Mondays and Thursdays, with two counties each taking their turn to promote their cultural highlights through one hour live broadcasts, pre-prepared 90-second wonder videos, 8 minutes in-depth video presentations, and illustrated brochure-style articles.


The live promotional broadcast hosted by Yunyang County Leader takes place at a famous resort in the county.

The live promotional broadcasts, in particular, were a novel challenge for district and county leaders, who stood in front of cameras to introduce their local treasures, whilst trying their hand at quickfire sales and popular netizens language to the delight of audiences.

Behind the live broadcasts were a series of arduous challenges in the form of advanced preparation down to the finest of details, as well as the logistical tasks of delivering countless quality products to customers in a timely fashion. None of this would have proceeded smoothly without the tireless dedication and coordination of promotional teams in each county.

Chongqing Showcase 2020 has been a great success according to figures. The aim has been to transform the popularity of Chongqing into a dependable source of income, and turning online attention into sales. As of late September, the second season had attracted a total of 2.9 billion viewers, with sales amounting to the hundred millions of Yuan.

In the case of tourism, ‘A’ rated attractions in Chongqing saw over 11 million visitors, a number that surpassed the national average in many respects. Naturally, major holidays such as the long National Day produced the greatest number of tourists.

Over the entire duration of Showcase 2020, the team of iChongqing has worked tirelessly to bring you all the action as the event unfolded in real-time. We hope you have enjoyed the series and learned about the incredible range of tourism resources, culture, and products throughout the counties and districts of Chongqing Municipality.


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