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Zhongxian County: the Live Stream Leads More Than 5,500 Trade Orders

By XINYI LI|Nov 06,2020

Chongqing- On October 26, as a part of the large-scale cultural and tourism promotion event, the 2020 Chongqing Showcase, the live stream of Zhongxian County, was promoted online. The mayor of Zhongxian County had appeared in the live stream, introducing characteristic products, including tour routes, food, and more. According to data, all live broadcast platforms of the Zhongxian attracted more than 20 million online views, nearly 30 million likes, and more than 5,500 trade orders. Meanwhile, you can also find other Chongqing featured products at the Online Culture and Tourism House.

The mayor of Zhongxian County introduced characteristic products, including tour routes, food, and more.

There were three tour routes during the live broadcast, including cultural tours, rural tours, and sports tours. The cultural tour is to experience the charm of culture – Shibaozhai (Precious Stone Fortress), Zhongzhou Museum, Baigong Temple, and Zhongzhou Old Street. Meanwhile, in terms of rural tours, the Three Gorges Orange Experience Area, Huaguo Mountain, Tianchi Forest Park, and so on, are waiting for visitors who want to enjoy the leisure and peaceful life. At the same time, for sports tours, visitors can participate in some activities, such as Dongxi River Rafting, Electronic Sports Town, and more.

Shibaozhai (Precious Stone Fortress)

The county also particularly promoted other preferential products, such as some cultural products, tickets for scenic spots, and featured tourist products, being popular with netizens. For example, scenic spots, such as Shibaozhai Scenic Spot, Fengyan Sanguo (stories of Three Kingdoms), Baigong Temple, and more, gave their surprise prices in the live broadcast. In addition, some cultural products, including chopsticks, fensi (cellophane noodles), and so on, were also sold with preferential prices.

Zhongzhou Museum

Friends from the Internet across China fell in love with Zhongxian through its live steam. Some people preferred delicious food there while some wanted to visit cultural tourist scenic spots.

Baigong Temple

The event, the 2020 Chongqing Showcase, has enhanced Zhongxian’s popularity and reputation. In the next step, Zhongxian will further improve and promote high-quality tourism routes, constantly explore new cultural and tourist locations, therefore, letting people experience and enjoy the charm of Zhongxian.

Fengyan Sanguo (stories of Three Kingdoms)

Three Gorges Orange Experience Area

Dongxi River Rafting


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