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Once Impoverished Luojiatuo Miao Village Transformed into Scenic Area


Chongqing- Only a few years ago, Luojiatuo was a small, and isolated village deep inside the countryside of Pengshui County that suffered from an extreme lack of infrastructure and resources.

Under the strong support of poverty alleviation measures, great focus was applied to implementing the policy of two non-concerns and three guarantees, which refer to basic necessities of food and clothing, in addition to safe housing, education, and medical coverage.

Medical insurance has controlled personal liability for hospital fees within 10% for poor households, and the enrollment rate of school-age children has attained 100%.

Renovation projects have been carried out on 13 houses deemed structurally unsafe, while 34 people from 7 households were relocated to new properties. Meanwhile, rural households had a total of 306 kitchens and 315 bathrooms re-fitted to modern standards.

The living environment has been improved through 3,000 square meters of paved courtyards, and over 25km of pathways fitted with street lamps connect the villages, while an effective waste collection has shaken off the image of being dirty, chaotic, and rundown.

Infrastructure projects have completed a contiguous network of public roads totaling 30km, over 20km of access roads, and more than 10km of roads to support industry.

As a result, rural accessibility, power supplies, optical fiber, and 4G network coverage rates have attained 100%.

The main industries developed to bring prosperity centers on rural tourism, agriculture, and livestock. There are now 3 cooperatives including Miaomei Xiangxiang and the company Zaixing Agricultural Development which operate the company/cooperative + farmer + base + e-commerce, business model.

This has allowed the income of poor households to increase through employment and stake holds in local agricultural production. The real prospect of substantial livelihoods has enticed 656 migrant workers back to their homeland as the local industry directly employs 543 people.

Luojiatuo Miao Village has been recognized as a national rural tourism demonstration village and was included among the first batch of historical and cultural villages in Chongqing. This new reputation has attracted visitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Britain, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

In the year 2019, the number of tourists received exceeded 60,000, and since September 2020 when the scenic area opened, tourist numbers have reached 90,000.

At the end of 2019, Luojiatuo Miao Village was integrated into the rural tourism strategy of Pengshui County. In August this year, an expert panel assessed the location with a view to conferring status as a national AAA scenic spot, the results of which are to be announced.


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