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Two New All-Season Parks for Walking, Hiking, Biking, and More


Chongqing- How do you spend a sunny weekend with your loved ones and get the best out of your quality free time? Well, wonder no more, the two newly built all-season parks of Feima Lizipo and the Shuidiqiao are just the right place for you to talk a walk, have a little chat with your friends and family while enjoying the beautiful sceneries under the warm sunshine of early winter.

The Feima Lizipo Park is located near the Hexin Garden Estate of the Shuitu Hi-Tech Ecological City and has only recently opened to the public. It covers an area of 335 mu (220,000 square meters) and consists of four function sections, such as the peach valley viewing section, the central core section, the bamboo forest lane section, and the hiking fitness section.

Tourists can take a laidback stroll along the wide and clean pathways of Feima Lizipo Park. Many residents would walk, bike, take photos, and exercise in the various sections of sports facilities in the park. Parents could also bring their children to experience the brand new swings, slides, and sand play games.

Children engage in sand play games with their peers while parents stand by waiting for them.

Children line up to play on the slides set up on a hillside.

“This is the first time for my child and me to come here to play; the kids are having a great time and aren’t so eager to leave just yet,” said a mother surnamed Zhang, who lives in Jiangbei District. “We discovered this secret part while taking a random walk in the neighborhood, and it’s so organized and well maintained, with various playgrounds and entertainment facilities, that we decided to spend our future family hours here as often as possible.”

Shuidiqiao Park shares the same design philosophy as the Feima Lizipo Park. Its sleek and stylish appearance brings citizens an almost instant sense of closeness and intimacy to mother nature. Shuidiqiao Park is currently wrapping up its construction work on some of the last facilities to be installed.

The park covers 17.67 hectares (176,700 square meters), with the largest water area of 12,000 square meters. There are various streams, lakes, islands, bridges, roads, platforms, and many scenic spots in the park for incoming visitors to relax and exercise. What’s more, there is also a color pathway leading all the way up to the mountain peak where people can fully appreciate the beautiful sceneries along the road and look into the distance from a higher vantage point.

Residents visit the color pathway in groups.

A view from the top of the pathway which leads all the way up the hill.

Residents take a walk along the pathway beside a lake.

The park builds up its strength by taking inspirations from the nearby mountains and creating a tranquil scenario of traditional Chinese rural beauties added with traditional Chinese paintings’ boldened charm.

A resident surveys the view of the park from an elevated position.

“I used to live in this neighborhood. I remember the mountains and rivers here were all very ideal for relaxing oneself,” said a resident while looking into the distance of the park from the top of the mountain road. “Ever since the transformation of the surrounding areas into a community park, the environment here has become much better and pleasant than previously.”

It’s been reported that the Shuitu Hi-Tech Ecological City has already finished the construction of the Yunding Hill Park, the Yunxing Sports Park, the Siyuan Park, and phase I of the Zhuxi River Landscaping Project, with the Hongqi Reservoir Park and phase II of the Zhuxi River Landscaping Project underway. In addition, another 17 thematic parks, including the Guanyinshan Park, the Taigongshan Park, the Health City Park, will also be built in the years to come.


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