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Construction of Automobile Park Starts in Western (Chongqing) Science City


The Western (Chongqing) Science City saw the start of construction of Chongqing Automobile Park on November 12, which is invested by Nanshan Group.

The Western (Chongqing) Science City saw the start of construction of Chongqing Automobile Park on November 12.

This is the first automobile “industry + cultural tourism” urban complex in China. After the completion, the project will become an example of the national automobile industry’s integrated development and cultural tourism.

Furthermore, it is also expected to upgrade and improve Chongqing’s automobile industry chain, which is conducive to the development of the modern service industry in Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Chongqing High-Tech Zone) and Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park.

Chongqing Automobile Park lies along the north side of Pingshan Avenue, outside Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone (Block B). Covering an area of 120 hectares, with an investment of over 10 billion yuan, the park plans to integrate and reconstruct all types of business of “automobile consumption” and “cultural tourism and leisure” to create a unique automobile-themed composite consumption experience.

According to the plan, the project mainly covers seven functional zones, including an area of FIA Formula 3 Championship, a cluster of 7S auto stores, an auto after-market center, an auto-themed amusement town, a high-end residential area, a leisurely street on the river with characteristics of the early 20th century and a hotel cluster for business, convention, and exhibition.

After the park is put into operation, it is projected to have an average annual passenger flow of more than five million and an annual income of more than 15 billion yuan, with a formation of over 10,000 job opportunities.

In addition, a director from Chongqing High-Tech Zone said that the park is a large-scale comprehensive project jointly planned by Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park and Nanshan Group, and it’s an important representative project of the former in industrial and urban upgrades. It aims to drive tourism with culture to boost the popularity of the area, improve the city’s quality, and increase the regional value through industrial development.

Moreover, the park will pursue in-depth development in the service economy in a bid to powerfully promote the upgrading of integrated industrial-urban development in Chongqing Xiyong Micro-electronics Industrial Park.

At the commencement ceremony, Chongqing Nanshan International Auto Port Development signed framework cooperation agreements with dealers of brands like BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, and Maserati, who are interested in entering Chongqing Automobile Park.


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