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Global Design Plan for Lijia Smart Park: Win 4 million Yuan


Liangjiang New Area will start the regional integration planning for Lijia Yuelai Smart Park. Since November 3, a global design plan invitation campaign has been launched.

To build up the reputation as a “Smart City,” Liangjiang New Area will focus on Lijia Sub-district and Yuelai Sub-district, which boast unique ecological endowments, the most concentrated smart elements, and the most diverse application scenarios. This purpose will advance the integrated development of Lijia Sub-district and Yuelai Sub-district and develop them into beautiful, international, green, intelligent, and people-oriented riverside sub-districts.

Lijia Yuelai Smart Park

The invitation campaign’s registration time is from November 3, 2020, to 15:00 on November 13, 2020 (Beijing time). By the middle of November, the host will organize experts to hold a prequalification meeting and select five joint applicants to participate in the global invitation campaign. By the end of December, the shortlisted applicants will submit their design proposals. The evaluation committee will select one first prize winner, one-second prize winner, and three excellence prize winners.

Among them, the total design fee for the first prize is 4 million yuan (bonus plus expenses), and the bonus for the second prize is 1.5 million yuan, and that for the excellence prize is 1 million yuan for each winner.

One exhibition hall of Lijia Yuelai Smart Park

On the planning scope, there are two levels. Specifically, the core design scope will focus on about 40 square kilometers of Lijia Sub-district and Yuelai Sub-district. The scope of the regional integration plan will include about 80 square kilometers covering Lijia Sub-district, Yuelai Sub-district, Xiantao International Big Data Valley, Caijia, Liangjiang New Area Digital Economy Industrial Park, and other areas by the Jialing River, of which about 30 kilometers of Jialing river line is for comprehensive upgrading planning.

The map of Lijia Yuelai Smart Park and its transportation

On the design content, participating plans need to offer an overall urban design and landscape design for about 40 square kilometers of Lijia Yuelai Smart Park to maximize its characteristic natural endowment and historical and cultural heritage, unveil the relationship between human and landscape, explore the inner experience of people appreciating the landscape, create an ecological, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere, realize the interaction and communication between people and landscape and demonstrate the perfect combination of humanity and technology as well as ecology and intelligence.

The planning map

Notably, scenario planning is an integral part. Participating plans need to design smart application scenarios, integrate high-quality ecological scenarios, diversified consumption scenarios, new economy application scenarios, quasi overseas life scenarios, and social high-level governance scenarios into production, living and ecological space. Doing so aims to build a smart future city, empower economic growth, and make life more colorful and convenient.

The regional integration plan for Lijia Yuelai Smart Park will focus on integrating industries, interconnect transportation, developing complementary strengths, and coordinating urban governance in formulating the implementation path for the integrated development of Lijia Yuelai Smart Park.

In addition, participating plans need to carry out an overall study of about 80 square kilometers of land for integration from various aspects such as traffic interconnection, industry integration, landscape sharing, facilities sharing, scenario interaction, and river line governance to put forward planning strategies and ideas with a global vision and Chongqing characteristics.


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