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SW China to Build an Integrated Technology Trade Market


Hechuan of Chongqing and Wusheng of Sichuan province have reached a framework agreement on scientific and technological innovation cooperation to integrate into the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle construction deeply.

Hechuan of Chongqing and Wusheng of Sichuan province have reached a framework agreement on scientific and technological innovation cooperation.

Hechuan and Wusheng will work together for a coordinated innovation system, with a target to facilitate the co-building of a scientific and technological innovation platform, resource and achievement sharing, project promotion, and policy integration.

Hechuan and Wusheng plan to build a platform to serve the scientific and technological innovation, establish the construction of a Hechuan-Wusheng coordinated innovation community, and promote the development of national and provincial (municipal) hi-tech zones, agricultural technology parks, innovative cities and counties (districts).

These will be based on the Hechuan Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wusheng Jiezi Industrial Park, and Wusheng Agricultural Byproducts Processing Park.

Besides, Hechuan and Wusheng have scheduled to co-establish a service platform for large scientific instruments and equipment sharing. As a result, they will integrate their scientific and technological information resources while sharing scientific and technological achievements and experts with each other.

Their joint efforts can also be seen in the development of such strategic emerging industrial clusters as artificial intelligence and data economy and regional coordination and effective deployment of industrial and innovative chains.

In addition, Hechuan and Wusheng are about to trial reform on conferring the ownership or rights of long-term use of job-related scientific and technological achievements on scientific researchers while stimulating transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

They are slated to build an integrated technology trade market and an alliance for technology transferring service platforms, regularly hold matchmaking events for technological achievement transformation or industrial investment, and encourage sharing technological achievements.

The two parties will also try to establish a flexible talent flow mechanism, allowing them to keep their registered permanent residences and employment relations, recognizing talent qualifications, and enabling free talent inflow and outflow.

This move is to encourage scientific and technological talent to join in the course of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hechuan and Wusheng will also launch policies and measures about the cross-region flowing of qualified innovation personnel.


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