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One of the things I am thankful for is having a job that allows me to get out and be creative. I often have a task that consists of going to a certain place and taking one or a handful of good photographs or walking away with a short video. Both of which I enjoy doing very much. So in this little vlog episode, which unlike my previous ones and very much out of character for me, was very much a spur of the moment kind of thing that just happened.

You see, I had started to want to re-write and re-structure some of our tourism listing articles on our website. I felt I had more knowledge about the places than what was already in our articles and decided to take a swing at updating the article for Ciqikou Ancient Town. It is a place I have visited countless times, a place that stays interesting because it is always changing somehow yet manages always to have a unique and distinctive feel to it. There is no other place like Ciqikou; it is one of a kind.

So the other day, as I was heading out after researching and writing the article for a few days, I decided that the best way to get the photos that I wanted for the article would be to go and get them myself. Ciqikou isn’t far away, so it was a quick trip to make. This way, I can decide the look at feel of the photos, and I can write the article around what I know and what I am able to showcase, so I made my way there in the early afternoon.

Coming up through the long and narrow pedestrian streets, I then decided, why not take our followers and viewers along for a little walk through Ciqikou ancient town. It has been a few months since I was last here in May, and even longer since I just walked through the streets and enjoyed the atmosphere.

My vlog ended up turning into partly a follow-along sort of vlog, but I also talk a little about what I know of the place, but of course, if you really want to learn more about Ciqikou, you should consider watching our Travel Guide episode that we released earlier this year.

A side alley in Ciqikou where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some traditional Chinese Papercutting

A photo was taken from inside the Zhong Family Courtyard at Ciqikou.

A student in an art school located close to Hanlin Academy near the main entrance to Ciqikou

A traditional Chinese Fan hanging on a door to an art school in Ciqikou

I hope you enjoyed the little walkthrough of Ciqikou Ancient Town in Chongqing; below are some of the photos I got away with and a link to the article that they were used for. I love being able to walk about the city with my camera in my hand and just create images and videos, and I already wish that I had made more of a detailed plan for how I wanted this vlog to turn out. But in any case, I hope  you enjoy the walk, and I hope you enjoy the photos and do check out the Travel Guide Episode and the new Ciqikou Ancient Town tourism information page I created.

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