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'Golden Keys' Discussed for Chongqing World Design Capital at YDIF Opening Ceremony


Chongqing- The Yuelai International Design Forum opened at the Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City in the Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing on December 8th, 2020.

The opening ceremony of the Yuelai International Design Forum was held in Chongqing on December 8th, 2020.

Over four hundred guests from Italy, the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, and other countries were joined by international design organizations and institutions gathered at the Yuelai Convention Center.

Expert representatives from design industry organizations worldwide also participated to discuss the future path of development to empower industrial upgrades.

Mr. Duan Chenggang delievered the speech in the opening ceremony

On the first morning, a forum themed on design-driven industrial innovation was held to explore development paths to empower the economy, while in the afternoon, there were two more forums themed Design + Life Science, and Industrial Values Reshaped through Design.

Discussions explored the connection and development between design and life sciences, as well as how industrial optimization coupled with a new high-quality development model can drive the upgrade of traditional industry.

Dr. Liu Guanzhong in his presentation during the forum

This industry event has been held both on and offline as the forums were broadcast live to the public through internet platforms. Domestic and foreign industrial design talent, university teachers, students, related enterprises in Chongqing, as well as representatives from various industry associations attended the discussions.

Big names in design overseas took the opportunity to discuss the number of ‘Golden keys’ that can open the door to industrial development through innovation.

Italian designer Marco Tortoioli Ricci addresses the YDIF through a recorded video message.

Marco Ricci is the chairman of the Italian Design Communication Association. On the opening day, he spoke on the topic entitled ‘The Origin and Uniqueness of Italian Design,’ where he shared past design cases, and then analyzed the historical origin of original design and manufacturing in Italy.

‘Italian design is deeply rooted in history. Many classic products show that perfection in design is not only related to technical knowledge and craftsmanship, but also the integration of life.’

Stefano Piontini is the chief executive and creative director of the Italian VSP design firm for Asia-Pacific. He repeatedly emphasized in his speech entitled ‘Design and Storytelling: The Importance of a Holistic Approach,’ how designers must be able to express stories through their works.

He illustrated his perspectives through the examples of the retail, hotel, and children’s spaces to emphasize the importance of continuity.

‘The power of narration fuels design. Nowadays, a project needs the integration of multiple disciplines, where the designer plays the actor, and the director takes the leading role”, he said.

Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City is vigorously deploying industry clusters in the field of design and hopes to provide the driving force as Chongqing strives to become a world-class design capital.

Made in China 2025 is a future vision plan for the design industry that incorporates the pressing reality for transformation and upgrades in the traditional industry. Yuelai Investment Group is acting upon the recommendations of Secretary Chen Min’er concerning a blueprint for unified development in the Lijia-Yuelai section of the Liangjiang New Area.

By 2023, the Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City have plans to implement the model of a single combined exhibition, conference, awards, and park for the design industry. Namely, these are to be the Chongqing Yuelai International Design Forum, the Chongqing Industrial Design Innovation Achievements Exhibition, the Chongqing Industrial Design Competition, and Chongqing Design Park, which have been combined to exert a certain influence nationwide at this early stage.


Guests and leaders tour the YDIF exhibition to see the latest innovations in design.

The Achievements Exhibition covers electronic equipment, artificial intelligence, aerospace technology, equipment manufacturing, electronic Internet, automobile industry, medical equipment, and many others.

Leading companies in the industry such as Huawei, Ziguang, Changan Automobile, and BOE will participate, as the number of exhibitors has now reached over 30.

The floor area covers about 5,000 square meters, where visitors can see exhibits of the latest technology and achievements of manufacturing in Chongqing, which highlights the power of design innovation and leading trends.

By the year 2025, Chongqing is to become a base for design talent cultivation, a focal point where design companies cluster, a display center for design products, the source for design information releases, and a production base where outstanding designs are manufactured.

The Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City will continue to improve its capabilities in regional design innovation, to absorb and concentrate global innovation resources, and to bring together high-end design talent as the city promotes an innovation-driven development strategy, which will uphold a commanding status within the industrial design industry.

According to research from industry and academia, once the innovative high-tech developments are integrated into the traditional industry, there will be a great impact on production methods, performance, and competitiveness achieved through optimization and upgrades.

From a Macro perspective, the design industry in China as a whole is a relative latecomer. While the traditional industry in Chongqing has a profound heritage, it is facing pressure in form of the need for transformation, as emerging industries are swiftly rising and accelerating their scope of the deployment.

The industrial design layout within the Liangjiang New Area is a strategic necessity to build an inland open gateway and smart city in Chongqing, as well as the need for the coordinated development and multi-dimensional industrial ecosystem.

Liangjiang New Area has positioned the core area of industrial design within the Yuelai International Exhibition City to form a district with multiple industrial parks. It is estimated the manufacturing industry within Liangjiang New Area will reach trillions of yuan by 2035.

According to the overall plan of Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City, the area is hastening integration into the Chengdu-Chongqing Twin City Economic Circle to seize historical opportunities for development, improvements to the design industry service environment; and the enactment of policy advantages to attract ever more high-quality talent in the region.

Long term fruition of the 2020 Chongqing Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition has produced beneficial outcomes for the design industry. The establishment of interactive and cooperative channels between design and manufacturing enterprises will greatly increase the conversion rate of design results and promote continued development, as well as transformation and upgrades in manufacturing.


Design industry figureheads held a joint signing ceremony for the Merchants Cooperation Project at YDIF.

Besides, the Chongqing Industrial Design Innovation Achievement Exhibition officially sounded the prelude to a permanent exhibition in the Yuelai International Convention and Exhibition City.

In the future, more companies and industry associations will be encouraged to set up museum exhibitions to display collections, ideas, development history, and corporate heritage as part of an international exhibition city that never sleeps.


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