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Feel the Serenity of Time in 99 Art Gallery

By XINYI LI|Dec 24,2020

The 99 Art Gallery, located on Zijing Road, Longta Sub-district, is a 300-meter-long street gathering the most fashionable and trendy shops, including internet-famous restaurants, book bars, second-hand vintage stores, and personalized clothing stores. Visitors could eat, drink, shop, or simply take a break here. The diversified business models make this characteristic commercial street that opened only one year ago and has since gained popularity in Chongqing as a trendy cultural hub.

The 99 Art Callery

Since the official opening on December 31 last year, 99 Art Gallery has become a destination favored by neighboring residents to enjoy cultural life. It has attracted hipsters from other areas to experience and enjoy life and share their pleasure.

As a popular commercial street, it boasts a developed catering business. Although the 99 Art Gallery was only transformed from the stores along the street, it gathers a number of popular eateries, thus becoming a highly-recommended destination by throngs of foodies.

Restaurants there

If you want something light, Mrs. Simon, which is a popular brand among young people in recent years, has opened a new branch named "Mrs. Simon • Ze Curry" here, which not only offers Mrs. Simon's special sandwiches and pasta but also rolls out curry rice with different flavors, bringing a more diversified experience to diners. If you like exotic cuisine, the Indian-style restaurant Patiala will be a good choice. You can feast on authentic Indian cuisine in an in-store environment oozing Southeast Asian style. If you are just looking for a quiet tea house to rest, TAE TAE is a good place to have a cup of tea, some refreshments, watch the people coming and going in the street, and indulge in quiet leisure time despite the noisy neighborhood.

The most fashionable and trendy shops there

There are also a diversity of shopping stores. For example, Daikanyama Vintage sells all kinds of big-name bags at a more affordable price and offers consignment sale services of unused bags. It is authorized by Japanese authentic vintage brands, providing a guarantee for the quality of products. In addition, Raven-like Writing Desk, Yangyang Famous Shop, and other clothing boutiques sell fashionable and personalized clothing. Traditional antiques like jade are sold in antique shops Stones from Other Hills and Yirui Pavilion, where you can feel the beauty of nature and the interest of humanistic culture.

A fashionable store

As a commercial street featuring "culture and art," in addition to owning these small shops, the focus also goes to cultural elements' ingenuity. The 99 Art Gallery, including 99 Art Salon, Eighteen-Ladder Reading Gallery, Jiahua Art Museum, Traditional Chinese Painting Museum, Folklore Museum, and other sites are committed to serving as a community cultural life experience place for neighboring residents. The 99 Art Salon, a three-story building with a collection of more than 50,000 books that residents can read for free, is a must-see site here. Residents can sign up for various cultural and art salon activities and meet cultural celebrities. They can also visit theme cultural exhibitions to get nourishment for their mind.

Relaxing shops

The 99 Art Gallery is still under construction. The Eighteen-Ladder Reading, The gallery on the back of the 99 Art Gallery, has just been renovated. After opening, it will attract more neighboring residents to participate in free-of-charge activities, including reading, practicing calligraphy, and painting. In this way, they can learn about traditional culture and experience local customs. Additionally, the 99 Art Gallery continues to introduce specialty catering businesses to gather online-sensation restaurants and bars, thus meeting the different needs of increasing consumers.

Address: No. 33 Zijing Road, Longta Sub-district, Yubei District (between Jiahua • Beichenli and Zijing Commercial Plaza)

A bookstore


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