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Using a mobile phone to call a car without any driver, driving or parking a car without any human involvement. The vehicle can also automatically avoid pedestrians while driving, change lanes to overtake, maintain a safe distance among vehicles, and handle all sorts of complex and unexpected road conditions… Those “driving actions” that required drivers in the past can now be realized through intelligent connected vehicles.

As the first automotive enterprise to enter Chongqing’s 5G public service platform for autonomous driving, Chongqing Changan Automobile’s L4 autonomous vehicle has operated at the Xiantao Big Data Valley for more than a year, with a target of providing a new smart travel experience to global consumers.

Chongqing Changan Automobile’s L4 autonomous vehicle.

Specifically, the Level 4 autonomous vehicle will be used in more complex scenarios and will greatly improve the vehicle’s sensing range and accuracy, platform’s computing power, and decision planning in control performance, etc. It aims to optimize the intelligence ability and cooperative vehicle infrastructure system for automatic driving.

A user can book a car anytime and anywhere through one-click on the APP in unmanned taxi mode. Orders will be generated when recognizing the user’s face on the vehicle. After the user gets off the vehicle, it will either continue to operate and take orders or enter a waiting area automatically.

While in the private car mode, the user can bind a vehicle through the APP and summon it. After the user is sent to the destination, the vehicle will automatically find a space to park, saving the user’s time and energy hunting for a parking spot.

Furthermore, Changan Automobile’s L4 autonomous vehicle can also realize an automatic remote pickup and return. In 2025, Changan will be able to achieve mass production of L4 autonomous vehicles.

In 2025, Changan will be able to achieve mass production of L4 autonomous vehicles.

Chongqing’s autonomous driving application scenarios include local companies like Changan Automobile and technology giants represented by Baidu.

The Baidu Apollo project at Western (Chongqing) Science City Intelligent Vehicle R&D Center will carry out work on autonomous driving, cooperative vehicle infrastructure system, and new technologies in the field of smart transportation. It will also work with Chongqing’s High-Tech Zone to build a coordinated development system for the autonomous driving industry chain and jointly build an innovation ecosystem for intelligent connected vehicles.

Moreover, Baidu built an L4 open road test base at Yongchuan District. With a total number of 12 autonomous vehicles, Baidu’s four models of self-driving minibusses, taxis, buses, and sanitation vehicles have successfully completed their vehicle testing and demonstration operations at the Yongchuan base last August.

In addition, autonomous driving-related events and meetings are also staged in Chongqing. As one of the Smart China Expo’s reserved projects, the i-VISTA Autonomous Vehicle Challenge has been held for three consecutive years. The 5th i-VISTA International Symposium on Intelligent Connected Vehicles was also held in Chongqing last December.

On the journey to an intelligent town and “smart city, Chongqing strives to enter the leading group nationwide, in the field of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, by the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025).

While Chongqing is working on its own development, Chongqing will also strengthen cooperation with Sichuan. Together, the two cities in southwestern China will promote the high-quality and coordinated development of the automobile industry in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, with the ultimate goal of building a world-class automobile industry cluster.


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