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Nixi Black Fungus Packaged as Famous Chongqing Brand in Yunyang Poverty Alleviation


Chongqing- Black Fungus is a signature agricultural product of Nixi Township, one of 18 towns and villages in Chongqing once designated as highly impoverished, making it a priority in the national drive for poverty alleviation and rural revitalization. This organic produce has played a vital role in achieving these objectives by the end of 2020 and has increased household incomes as the town moves towards prosperity.

Nixi Township is known as the hometown of black fungus. The geographical location has four distinct seasons with a pleasant climate, an average elevation over 500 meters, and a forest coverage rate of 56%. Annual rainfall is a plentiful 1175ml, the average temperature is approximately 16 degrees Celsius, and there are roughly 300 frost-free 300 days per year. Coupled with fresh air among the unique natural environment of beautiful mountains and rivers, Nixi is endowed with the perfect natural environment to cultivate this special agricultural produce as an ecological township.


Nixi Township enjoys the optimal climate and soils for producing black fungus for sale nationwide (Photograph / Liu Xingmin)

Fertile soils and green ecology in Nixi Township mountains have allowed for tixi Black FFungus' great success, which has obtained official certification as a national organic food, national geographical indication, and verification as a new reputable, high-quality specialty agricultural product.

The Qinggangshu brand of black fungus has been conferred awards as a high-quality climate agricultural product and a famous Chongqing brand. It also won a gold medal in the 12th China International Agricultural Products Trade Fair and was recognized among one hundred professional cooperatives for agricultural products nationwide.


The Qinggangshu brand of Nixi black fungus was won nationwide recognition as a high-quality agricultural product and has helped drive poverty alleviation in Yunyang County.

Produced within the Qiyao Mountain Nature Reserve of Yunyang County, Chongqing, and is organic produce grown in the open air on wild logs fixed together into upright positions. No fertilizers, pesticides, or additives are used throughout the cultivation process.

Once the Nixi black fungus is ready for harvest come the summer months, the whole strands are first placed on drying racks in keeping with tradition to produce a crisp texture that is both fragrant and nutritious. After soaking in warm water, the fungus is suitable for consumption in a wide variety of ways, including stir-fried dishes, soups, dressings, and juice extraction.


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