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Animals in Chongqing's Zoos Have A coup to Keep out the Cold


Chongqing- In recent days, the temperature in Chongqing has continued to drop. In some zoos in this city, many animals are from the tropics live, so how do they keep warm from the cold?

Each zoo had turned on the warming mode. For nearly 100 kinds of animals that are afraid of the cold, such as orangutans, white rhinoceros, sloths, and more. Zoos had prepared air conditioners, heaters, oil heaters, heating lamps, floor heating, heating rods, and other cold-proof and warm-keeping facilities to improve Their ability to withstand severe cold.

Electric heaters and humidifiers in sloths’ house in the LocaJoy Theme Park

In LocaJoy Theme Park, heating lamps are also installed in the caves of the mongoose, tortoises, and the small houses of the green iguanas. Therefore, those animals can ignore the existence of winter and can not only sleep warmly but also enjoy the food comfortably. Meanwhile, electric heaters or air conditioners are used in the houses of fennec fox, squirrel monkey, and ring-tailed lemur. The little guys also love to hug around these appliances to keep warm. However, for sloths from Guyana, South America, they are special. In addition to air conditioners and electric heaters that are open 24 hours a day, they also use humidifiers to keep the indoor temperature above 20°C and air humidity above 60%.

The electric heater in the house of fennec fox in the LocaJoy Theme Park

On the other hand, there are many indoor pavilions for animals to escape the cold wind at Chongqing Zoo. For instance, the white rhinoceros has an entrance with a thick door curtain to keep the temperature warmer. The pools of turtles, water monitor lizards, and so on, will be heated, allowing animals to enjoy the benefits of “hot springs”.  Staff members had also been given extra foods like brown sugar, cane, and carrot to maintain their body warmth. The difference this year is that floor heating has been installed for the animals to escape the cold and stay warm.

The oil heater in Chongqing Zoo’s white rhinoceros house

According to guides, while some of the tropical animals have been invited inside to feed and escape the cold, other animals like waterfowl and the Siberian tiger are not so bothered by cold weather, so they can presently meet the visitors as usual.

Heating lamps for chelonians in Chongqing Zoo


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