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Nantian Lake and Ski Resort Upgraded with 57 Year Round Tourist Experiences


Chongqing- On December 15, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism officially announced a new batch of 15 national tourist resorts for 2020, a list which included the Nantian Lake National Tourist Resort of Fengdu County, Chongqing.

The announcement officially marked the tourism products and services of Fengdu among the highest-ranked nationwide. It is expected the successful project of Nantian Lake National Tourist Resort will drive high-quality development in the county.

Located in the southeast of Fengdu County 160 kilometers from Chongqing downtown, the resort sits at an elevation of between 1400-2000 meters, with average summer temperatures of 20℃.

There are rich tourism resources in the form of mountains, lakes, natural grasslands, and over 24,000 acres of the primeval forest. The establishment of Nantian Lake National Tourist Resort now provides an enhanced tourist experience that offers comfort, security, and entertainment.


Nantian Lake National Tourist Resort Offers a great variety of themed activities in all four seasons.

Throughout the year, popular activities mainly focus on viewing spring and autumn flowers, escaping the summer heat, and skiing in winter. However, a series of 57 different tourist experiences have been developed under the five categories of sports and fitness, leisure and entertainment, health and well-being, daytime activities, and night tours.

Cultural tourism is based upon the core attractions of Lakeside Park, Paradise Valley Forest Park, and Stone City. Workshops have been built to educate about Chongqing Municipality’s intangible cultural heritage, while culturally innovative products inspired by the Forbidden City have been introduced. Branded events such as the Miss World Tourism Competition have been successfully held at the resort.

Tourism features built to attract sporting enthusiasts include 10 kilometers of leisurely green trails, 5 kilometers of walkways, and 8.5 kilometers of special bicycle tracks.


Camping under the stars is highly popular with tourists at Nantian Lake, away from the summer heat.

In winter, the Nantian Lake Snow Park covers an area of ​​50,000 square meters, where snowmobiles, bumper cars, banana boats, and sledding are just a few of the numerous amusement projects available to tourists.

Nantian Lake International Ski Resort is an outdoor ski resort built by Songyue Group and was officially re-opened in the winter of 2020 following a 50 million USD upgrade to the facilities.

The resort is among the largest professional alpine ski resorts in Southwest China, covering  ​​around 100 acres inside the Fengdu Nantian Lake Scenic Area at an elevation of over 1,800 meters.


The lake freezes over each year, and snowfalls make for a wintry wonderland in Fengdu County’s mountains.

Professional ski slopes have been built following international competition standards, where three professional-grade cable cars transport visitors to multiple slopes designed for beginner, intermediate and professional skiers for recreation, competition, and training purposes.

The ski resort has cooperated with Club Med to establish the Club Med ESF Ski Academy, which now offers international teaching courses and coaching teams from the French National Ski Academy (ESF) to provide more authoritative guidance and experience.


Nantian International Ski Resort has rebuilt slopes following international competition standards and has entered into cooperation with professional ski school ESF.

Nantian Lake International Ski Resort is also the only professional outdoor park in the Southwest to offer snowboarding, night skiing, and wild slope tracks.

Simultaneously, some facilities operate all year round, such as the dry snowfields, rainbow slides, mountain cross-country, downhill speed biking, and starry night camping.

Inside the resort, there’s the five-star standard Nantian Lake International Hotel and boutique Lanpo Hotel, which offer tennis courts, gymnasiums, spas, venues, karaoke, and suites overlooking the ski resort.


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