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Chongqing Rural Beauty Show: Ancient Charms and Modernization Changes in Hechuan


Chongqing- The rend-making variety TV program, Chongqing Rural Beauty Show, had achieved its seventh station in Hechuan. It presents audiences’ vision of ancient charms and shows changes there. The episode was aired during the prime time of the CQTV channel on January 2 and made quite a buzz on the internet.

The seventh Chongqing Rural Beauty Show station arrived in Hechuan, showing the ancient charms and modernization changes.

With a thousand years of ancient rhyme, Hechuan is one of the birthplaces of Bayu culture. The Jialing River, Fujiang River, and Qujiang River gather here, becoming the “Northern Gate” of Chongqing. The Diaoyu Fortress that has created historical miracles, the Laitan Ancient Town with a long-distance Zen style, and the beautiful Longduo Mountain all reveal the rich cultural heritage of Hechuan. At the same time, the soft and glutinous Hechuan walnut slices, the delicious chicken chaoshou (wonton), and the Hechuan Pork Slices are all delicious delicacies unique to Hechuan.

The chef cut walnut slices.

The beginning of the trip to Hechuan starts with the Huijiang Tower, which gathers many different kinds of delicious featured food, attracting foodies. Hechuan walnut slices are the first-recommended dessert there. It can be traced back to the late Qing Dynasty, with high-quality glutinous rice, peach kernel sugar, supplemented by aged roses, giving walnut slices a unique floral fragrance, and a small amount of lard oil adds a moist and refreshing taste. Also, it belongs to the intangible cultural heritage, as traditional and classic food.

The crayfish

Meanwhile, as a traditional agricultural area in Chongqing, Hechuan is committed to developing modern characteristic agriculture. As one of the four characteristic agricultures in Qiantang Town, rice and crayfish farming plays the role of symbiosis and mutual benefit, achieving a double harvest of rice and crayfish. There are three characteristic industries, including ecological fish, pig breeding, and smart orchard. Under the development blueprint of “Science and Technology,” it will help villagers eliminate poverty, increase income, and move towards ecological agriculture and smart agriculture.

Sichuan peppers

Moreover, Hechuan is a city full of Sichuan peppers. When it comes to Sichuan pepper, everyone knows that it plays an important role in Sichuan cuisine and is the Chongqing hot pot’s secret weapon. The key to the spicy and delicious flavor of hot pot lies in the broth soup’s frying and raw materials selection. The Zhoujunji Hot Pot Food Industrial Park is the only national 4A tourist attraction in Chongqing that focuses on Chongqing hot pot culture. In the park, visitors can enjoy the hot pot broth soup’s craftsmanship, experience the Chongqing hot pot culture, and learn about the professional knowledge of hot pot.

In Hechuan, the industrious and intelligent people here continue to create moving stories of beautiful countryside. Focus on the return of CQTV to enjoy more ancient charms and modernization changes in Hechuan.


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