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Latest 'Name Card' for Urban Chongqing ①: Chang Jia Hui


The Changjiahui Grand Scenic Area is at the core of the “Two Rivers and Four Banks,” an area of about 16 square kilometers centered around Chaotianmen, Jiefangbei, Jiangbeizui, Danzishi, and Longmenhao.

 Zuo Yongxiang, Deputy Secretary of the Yuzhong District Party Committee and District Mayor stated that to create an attractive name card for Changjiahui, Yuzhong District should mainly focus on three key aspects.

The first is to promote the Jiefangbei and Chaotianmen landmarks’ integrated development, with planning undertaken from the prime consideration of physical space.

The second is to promote regional development through major projects. “We have planned more than 110 projects in this area, with a total investment of 16 billion.” Zuo Yongxiang added that a total of 23 projects were implemented last year, including the construction of the Jinrong Pedestrian Street from Jiefangbei to Chaotianmen, the third phase of the underground ring road bypass for the International Trade Center, the Changjiahui tourist circle system, and renovations to Chaotianmen and the waterfront between Dongshuimen, Chuqimen, and Caiyuanba

The third is the improvement of industrial proficiency. Efforts in the Yuzhong quarter of Changjiahui are mainly centered on finance, commerce, services, and economic headquarters.

In the next step, Zuo Yongxiang stated that Yuzhong District would center on ecological green development to plan and construct the Changbin Project, located in the Caiyuanba, Changbin Road Chaotianmen area. High-quality development will be realized here through careful ecological management, shoreline restoration, public spaces creation, and antiquated communities’ transformation.


Changjiahui: A packed exhibition window for the Land of Natural Beauty, a City of Cultural Appeal.

(Yue Ruxin, as an intern, contributes to this report)


A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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