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Chongqing Customs to Further Opening-Up in 2021


Chongqing- Chongqing Customs will continue to focus on cultivating new opportunities for development and help the city further its opening-up into a new stage, according to the 2021 Chongqing Customs work conference held on February 1. 

Chongqing Customs will foster regional cooperation, where it will implement the cooperation between China and Singapore Customs in 2021. Aiming to promote the construction of the New International Land and Sea Trade Corridor and perform as the leading role among all regional customs, Chongqing Customs will strive to make breakthroughs in areas such as customs clearance, collaborative innovation, and risk prevention.


Chongqing Customs will foster regional cooperation, where it will implement the cooperation between China and Singapore Customs in 2021. (iChongqing File Photo)

Moreover, Chongqing Customs will take actions to improve the business environment at ports. Through pushing the reform of government regulation and service, exercising special actions to facilitate cross-border trade, strengthening the connection of various links at ports, enhancing the implementation of various reforms of the General Administration of Customs, and reducing the overall customs clearance time at ports, this helps Chongqing to become a model city with a flourishing business environment.

Through actively integrating into the construction of the Belt and Road, Chongqing Customs aims to smooth the transportation of port channels. This involves optimizing multimodal transport and other supervision modes and improving the efficiency of channel operation. Furthermore, Chongqing Customs will promote the construction of a newly set supervision field and the China Railway Express to the Europe distribution center and support the Tuanjie Village port’s official opening.

In addition, through promoting the customs clearance and acceptance of Wanzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone, following up the approval of Yongchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, encouraging the coordinated development of different bonded zones, and consolidating the traditional industrial foundation of different bonded zones, Chongqing Customs targets for the development of new business formats. Other measures involve allowing enterprise groups to upgrade the supervision of processing trades, deepen general taxpayers’ qualifications, and pilot selective domestic sales taxation to help enterprises better integrate into the”dual-cycle” economic model and markets.

Promoting the customs clearance and acceptance of Wanzhou Comprehensive Bonded Zone and following up Yongchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone’s approval is under Chongqing Customs’ plan in 2021. (iChongqing File Photo)

Through researching and formulating new policies to favor enterprises and supporting the import of key components such as the chip industry, Chongqing Customs plans to push for a much more complete industrial supply chain. In particular, this includes exploring the bonded management of industrial chain clusters, stimulating the free flow of all elements of the industrial chain, and unleashing the dividends of preferential tax policies for scientific and technological innovation for research institutes and enterprises.

More importantly, based on the planning outline for the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, the General Administration of Customs will strive to issue supporting measures, deepen the customs cooperation mechanism between Chengdu and Chongqing, implement convenient supervision of goods and mails flowing across customs areas, and promote the coordinated operation of the China-Europe Railway Express. This is to facilitate the rapid development of the export-oriented economy between the two places.

(Fan Xingyan, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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