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China Railway Express to Europe Maintains Stable Operation During Spring Festival


During the Spring Festival this year, Chongqing maintained a stable operation of China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing) to Europe. During the holiday, 2-3 outbound trains and 4-5 inbound trains were launched per day.

China-Europe freight train

File Photo: Aerial photo shows a China-Europe freight train, also the “China Post” CR Express 1st block train, bound for Lithuania ready to departure from Tuanjiecun Station in Chongqing, southwest China, April 3, 2020. (Xinhua/Tang Yi)

So how was China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing) running on this year’s first working day?

During the Spring Festival this year, Chongqing maintained a stable operation of China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing). During the holiday, 6-8 outbound and inbound trains were launched respectively per day, an increase of 4-5 trains per day over the same period last year.

Maintaining this frequency is not easy. Since the official launch of China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing) in January this year, related departments have taken on more workload. For example, plans, data, and materials previously only reported to China Railway International Group now need to be summarized and shared with Chengdu to reach an agreement before being jointly reported.

“Despite the more complicated process, we will spare no effort to prompt the high-quality development of China Railway Express.” Qi Dan, General Manager of Yuxinou (Chongqing) Logistics Co., Ltd., said that on the first working day of this year, the colleagues were all occupied with their own work, including formulating the plan for the launch of the train in Chongqing and communicating with Chengdu to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing) throughout the year.

Ba Chuanjiang, Director of the Port and Logistics Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, said that Chongqing had hammered at catalyzing the development of China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing) since its launch. In January, 535 trains of China Railway Express (Chengdu & Chongqing) with loaded containers were launched, of which the number of trains from Chongqing increased by 127% year on year.

“This year, Chongqing will set new goals for the development of China Railway Express.” Ba said that this year, Chongqing will work with Chengdu to enable a high-level model of regional cooperation of China Railway Express, and “build open channels to boost logistics development, economic and trade development, and industrial development”, supporting Chongqing’s supply chain and industrial chain, and furthering the development of foreign trade and industries.


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