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Chongqing- In the drive to eradicate poverty by the end of 2020, Chongqing Municipality has unyieldingly adhered to the national guiding concept that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. This principle has played a central role in rural revitalization, which has driven ecological restoration while bringing prosperity to formerly impoverished communities through green agriculture and tourism.

In this episode, iChongqing reporter James Alexander reflects on a year of multiple explorations into formerly impoverished counties in Chongqing, where the principle of environmental protection has driven prosperity through green agriculture and rural tourism.

Key measures have included the dismantling of old factories and chemical plants to be replaced by attractive landscapes. Shanty buildings have either been renovated or torn down to offer safe and attractive housing that compliments the local environment. Sanitation facilities have been installed throughout towns and villages to protect the land and waterways, and ecologically destructive practices such as unregulated fishing and hunting have been stopped to restore the abundance of wildlife.

Government institutions and private investors have joined hands with rural people to establish cooperatives that offer dependable employment, shares, and dividends to locals who contribute their energy and land to the projects. They also receive assistance with registering brand names, obtaining quality assurance certification, and training with e-commerce to promote and ship their products to all corners of the country in real-time.

Polluting industries have made way for beautiful landscapes as part of ecological restoration projects across Chongqing Municipality.

Home-stays, guesthouses, and country entertainment are another feature of rural revitalization. These attractions offer all modern conveniences with traditional rustic appeal. Tourists from neighboring regions can travel easily to these destinations across the municipality thanks to a high-standard road network.

Formerly isolated counties are also being swiftly integrated into national and regional high-speed rail and airport networks so that in the future, ever more visitors from far and wide can visit formerly inaccessible locations to enjoy the fantastic scenery, green produce, and rural hospitality, which will only serve to bring ever greater prosperity in turn.


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