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The Way to Spring, with Blossoms


Chongqing- With the approaching of spring, Chongqing, a city with mountains, plants, and water, welcomes the warm sunshine. Recently, colorful flowers in full bloom appear everywhere in this city, in thousands of postures.

After a cold winter, the city welcomes spring, which is the first season of the year. Plants start to bloom and people begin to plow in this season. What we can do in spring and what we can enjoy in the spring in Chongqing? Let’s go to check it out together!

CRT: a monorail to spring

In the early spring, the temperature in Chongqing gradually warms up, and the mountain city in the warm sun is full of spring. In the Fotuguan section of Chongqing Rail Transit (CRT) Line 2, clusters of plum blossoms bloom in park halfway up the hill, and the monorail crosses the sea of flowers, forming a unique and pleasing urban landscape.

The Fotuguan section of CRT Line 2

The park becomes owns its best position for taking photos, attracting many visitors to enjoy the incredible scenes of spring. On the hillside, among the sea of red plum blossoms, and beside the track, there are crowds of people holding short guns and mobile selfie cameras. Thanks to the perfect weather, the mountain city - Chongqing is surrounded by warm sunshine.

The Fotuguan section of CRT Line 2


Best time for flowers enjoying: 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when the light is the best

Three recommended places for photo taking:

  • The alley: You can shoot the monorail cross through the sea of flowers and enter the tunnel. The surrounding scenery is unobstructed there and the field of vision is wide.
  • The bottom of the monorail, on the side of the plum blossoms: Basically, it’s upside down here. You can also take portrait photos under the flower forest. In particular, there is a side slope here, which is very steep, and it is connected to the uphill monorail, therefore, taking care of yourself when taking photos.
  • On the stairs opposite the sea of flowers: Here you can take a close shot of the front of the tunnel entrance, which is also a good angle.

The Fotuguan section of CRT Line 2

Except for CRT Line 2, Line 3 is also a great way to enjoy flowers. Yunan Avenue, in Banan District, in spring has turned into magnificent magnolia flowers that stretch for 15 kilometers on Yunan Avenue, which is called “Magnolia Avenue”. The beauty of Yunan Avenue was completely blown up. Just take the CRT Line 3, you can enjoy magnolia flowers on the monorail.

Magnolia on the Yunan Avenue

Parks in urban Chongqing: leisure time for spring

Last year, 85 new urban parks were built in the city, 91 urban parks were upgraded and upgraded, and the urban ecological quality was further improved. In this sunny spring season, all kinds of flowering trees, shrubs, color-leaved plants, seasonal flowers, and other plants are blooming and vying for beauty. Meanwhile, the city is full of warm spring flowers in full bloom everywhere, which is for the local and outside tourists, providing a good place to enjoy flowers.

Tulips in the Nanshan Botanical Garden

According to data, there are nearly 300 locations and arterial roads with a certain scale of flower viewing and good flower viewing effects in the whole city, mainly covering urban parks and community parks, squares, urban arterial roads, nodes, and so on. Particularly, there are more than 180 flower viewing spots in the urban city. At the same time, there are more than 40 city parks that have excellent viewing feasts of flowering plants.

Visitors in Zhaomushan Park

For example, there are over 5000 species of plant life across the landscaped parks and themed garden exhibits in Nanshan Botanical Garden. Meanwhile, Zhaomushan Park, in Yubei District, becomes red in spring when flowers bloom, attracting lots of visitors to enjoy picnics, parties, or outings. Caiyun Lake Wetland Park, in Jiulongpo District, has many cherry blossoms, red plums, and many other flowers, which decorate itself as a colorful tourist attraction. When everyone talks about colorful flowers in spring, Chongqing Central Park is full of green, where the grass looks like a green carpet.

Caiyun Lake Wetland Park

Outdoor flower enjoying: immerse yourself into clusters of nature

In addition to those parks, there are still many other outdoor places, where provide visitors a great experience to embrace the spring. Colorful flowers are blooming in Chongqing, and it can be said that beauty is everywhere.

The roadside flowers

Among the many flower-enjoying attractions, if you talk about rape flowers, Tongnan is the first choice, because it has won a lot of honors such as "China's top ten most beautiful rapeseed flowers" and "Chongqing top ten spring travel destinations" for its rape flowers. It can be credibly described as one of the important destinations of the Chongqing spring tour. Every spring, Tongnan is surrounded by yellow.

Rape flowers in Tongnan

In this season, in addition to the cute animals in the Chongqing Zoo, the blooming flowers are also worthy of your stop and admire. Especially tulips, only if you have been here can you understand that the eye-catching colors are so charming.

Tulips in Chongqing Zoo

In March each year, plum blossoms bloom for the first time, which is a scene of "half-mountain plum blossoms full of snow". The Town, in Tongjing, has the intoxicating beauty of Chongqing spring. The flower of Yinhe is just like a little shy girl, greeting the sun, and the vast sea of flowers is like a fairyland!

Plum blossoms of Yinhe Town

Moreover, when people passing by the north end of the Huanghuayuan Bridge in Jiangbei Dawan were pleasantly surprised to find that the Prunus mume flowers on both sides of the highway seemed to be in full bloom overnight. The various pink and snow-white flowers turned into an endless sea of flowers. It was nearly a kilometer from the north of Huanghuayuan Bridge.

Flowers of the Huanghuayuan Bridge

Spring plowing: the beginning of a year

When the rain arrives, spring plowing begins, and everything is born. The plan for a year lies in spring while a good year lies in spring plowing. Right now is the best time for spring plowing and preparation. The New Year had not left for a long time, many farmers are striving for a good harvest of the year in the vast rural fields of various towns and villages in Chongqing. With full strength, soil preparation, planting, sowing, and covering soil are going on in an orderly way. The bustling scene in the field outlines a beautiful picture of spring plowing.

Spring plowing

With the popularization of mechanization, the efficiency of farming has been greatly improved, providing a guarantee for large-scale rice planting. With the help of mechanical plowing, it is finer and smoother, and the cost is greatly reduced. The Chongqing Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative is actively arranging and deploying to do a good job in the market supply of agricultural materials and agricultural products to provide a strong guarantee for spring plowing production.

Mechanical plowing


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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