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Beautiful Yubei Photo Shooting Tour in Spring


Recently, Chongqing's whole town has full of blossoms in the urban area; sakura on Yungui Moutain attracted thousands of visitors to see. On February 24, the European and American Students' Association (the association) of Yubei District went to Dasheng Town and Yungui mountain to carry out the "Double Hundred Thousand Project" field survey and Beautiful Yubei photography shooting tour.

people sit on the side road on Yungui Mountain

This tour has visited Qinglong Village and Tianxiandong Village respectively and inspected the construction of "Taihe Family" to observe its modern fruit industry base and Ganoderma lucidum planting base. Members from the association heard about the new village's construction status and the "Double Hundred Thousand Project." There are detailed introductions of scale and future development plans and go deep into the villagers’ homes to learn more about the villagers’ living environment.

sakura tree

In the meanwhile, the association held the photography training session by an expert. The expert has introduced the techniques of photo shooting by camera and smartphone.

As a pilot demonstration area for rural revitalization in Chongqing, in recent years, Yubei has combined land consolidation and rural three reforms and proposed building 100,000 mu of economic fruit forest and 100,000 mu of ecological forest by 2022. "One Hundred Thousand Project," focusing on improving agricultural modernization, rural scenic spots, farmers' professionalization, and exploring ways to revitalize hilly and mountainous villages. At present, the district has implemented a total of 68,400 mu of economic fruit forests (including 4,800 mu of bamboo shoots and bamboos) and 87,500 mu of ecological forests.

blossoms on the tree

Through this tour, the members have experienced the rural revitalization strategy brings new development opportunities and felt the new picture of ecological beauty, industrial prosperity, and prosperity of the people drawn by the "Double Hundred Thousand Project" construction in Yubei. One member has expressed that he will actively play their own advantages, actively serve the revitalization of Yubei's rural areas, and contribute efforts to promote the high-quality economic and social development of Yubei.

people visit Yungui Mountain


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