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Come! Enjoy the Picturesque Maple Leaves Decorating the Landscape in Ba'nan


Chongqing-Have you seen red maple leaves in Spring? After upgrading, Wuzhou Garden in Ban’nan District of Chongqing reopens again to the public. Twenty thousand maple trees with over ten species take on spectacular red colors that attract many tourists to enjoy the scenery.

Looking down from the top of the hill, you will be amazed by the flourishing red leaves-covered garden. A large area of florid colors just makes the season more vibrant.

Maple Trees in Wuzhou Garden

According to the introduction, over 2000 Jinxiu maple trees have been grafted in the garden. Leaves of this kind will take on different red colors throughout the year. These leaves are bright red; during May and June, the color will be rosy red; during July and August, it will become pink; after October, it will turn into bright red again.

Leaves of 1000 newly-planted Jinlv maple trees are bright yellow. These leaves show glistening yellow under the sunshine, which looks like glistening ripples among red rivers in the breeze.

Maple Trees in Wuzhou Garden

What’s more, green leaves, bright-red leaves, and yellow leaves can be seen growing on the same tree through grafting. According to the garden staff, to offer more beautiful maple trees to visitors, the garden is applying multiple techniques like trimming based on different features of different species of maple trees to reshape maple trees.


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