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A Wedding Held at A Cemetery

By Eiko ChengICHONGQING|Mar 30,2021

Chongqing——On the morning of March 28, a special public welfare wedding was held at Chongqing Municipal Human Organs Donation Memorial Park, Xijiao Fushou Cemetery Park, Bishan District, Chongqing. Both the 75-year-old groom, Yi Zecheng, and the 65-year-old bride, Chen Maoxiu, are volunteers for the publicity of remain body’s organ donation in Chongqing. They located their wedding in this cemetery park in the hope to give their thanks to and commemorate all donators, and also to catch more attention from the public to human organ donation to be a part of this voluntary activity.

Living in Huixing Sub-district, Yubei District, Chen Maoxiu, on July 11, 2012, headed for Chongqing Red Cross to register as a voluntary donator of remain body’s organs on the day of the 10th anniversary of her former husband’s death, in a bid to memorize him. In 2017, Yi Zecheng was introduced to Chen Maoxiu by a friend of hers, while as being tied up with her voluntary activities in the Red Cross, she failed to get around to meet him. One day at the end of March, Chen invited Yi to Chongqing Jiangnan Funeral Parlo to take part in her voluntary services in Chongqing’s remain body’s organ donation memorial activity and this was also a moral quality test for Yi. In the parlor, Chen Maoxiu unraveled to Yi Zecheng the significance of remain body and organ donation during their first meeting, being a storyteller of the protagonist in this funeral meeting. Yi listened to her in earnestness and had a sneaking affection for her kindness. One month later, Yi also managed to be a registered voluntary donator of remain body’s organs during a voluntary service activity held at Chongqing Railway Station North Square.

The wedding in a cemetery Photo by: Luojia

The wedding in a cemetery Photo by Luojia

Since then, the couple has been participating in all kinds of public welfare activities organized by the Red Cross, carrying out publicity of social benefits across local communities, providing people with limited mobility with door-to-door service of remain body’s organs donation registration, calling volunteers together to pay a comfort visit to the donating families, accompanying donators amid their cremation, taking part in a farewell ceremony for donators, etc. Under the positive influence of Chen and Yi, 30 volunteers of remain body’s organs donation joined Chen’s Red Cross voluntary squad and more than 1,500 people were motivated by the couple to register their donations.

Chen Maoxiu and Yi Zecheng in their wedding Photo by Luojia

Chen Maoxiu and Yi Zecheng at their wedding. Photo by Luojia

Their marriage received great support and blessings from members of the Red Cross voluntary services group of communities in Yubei District and all members hoped to hold a wedding for the couple. Surprisingly, they finally locate the wedding at this memorial park. However, Qin Hongmei, the marriage witness and Director of Publicity and External Communication Department of Chongqing Red Cross fully showed her support and understanding of their decision. “A public welfare wedding held in cemetery garden breaks through the worldly frame and mirrors the extension of love and life!” She delivered her words in full emotions.

The wedding was held at Chongqing Municipal Human Organs Donation Memorial Park. Photo by Luojia

The wedding was held at Chongqing Municipal Human Organs Donation Memorial Park. Photo by Luojia

Yi Hua, Director of Expert Committee of China Funeral Association, also took a special trip from Shanghai to Chongqing, to give the newlyweds a painting of yulan magnolia as a wedding present. The aromatic and elegant magnolia represents a godsent marriage. In the painting, the blossoms of yulan magnolia embracing the breeze give the best wishes of happy and satisfactory life to the couple and also imply volunteer’s spirit with a rich smell of floral aroma. After the wedding ended, the groom and bride, together with the guests, left for the monument. All people put their palms together to a prayer position and bowed down in homage to 4,044 body organs donators with bunches of flowers presented. Everyone was in commemoration of this relay of love and life.

Presenting flowers to  4,044 body organ donators. Photo by Baijie

Presenting flowers to 4,044 body organ donators. Photo by Baijie

“This place at which we had our first date is bound to be our ultimate destination. We will devote the rest of our lives to love each other!” Chen said. Through this wedding, she hoped to express her gratitude to all remain body’s organ donators and also intended to let the public have more ideas about remain body’s organ donation which is a business of great benevolence.


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