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Holy Garze Invites Chongqing Natives to Travel There with 50 % Discount


Chongqing – On March 31st, a fancy Tibet-featured performance was staged at Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street’s center, which added a unique charm to the modern city and attracted lots of attention. The ongoing performance was a part of the Garze (Chongqing) Culture & Tourism Promotion Conference. Hospitable Garze people brought their impressive dances and songs, local specialties, marvelous landscapes to Chongqing people and invited them to travel to Garze.

A fancy Tibet-featured performance (photo/ the conference organizer)

Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in Sichuan Province. It’s renowned for its snow-capped mountains and glaciers, the vast grassland, and amazing cultures and folk customs. It boasts more than half of the undeveloped world-class tourism resources in Sichuan Province, like Hailuogou, famous for its low-elevation glaciers in the world, “the soul of Shangri-La” Daocheng Yading, “the king of Shu mountains” Mount Gongga.

The breathtaking landscape of Garze (photo/ the conference organizer)

In recent years, Garze has made lots of efforts in upgrading the culture and tourism industry by improving infrastructures, enriching the tourism industry, building high-quality tourist attractions, launching select tour routes, deepening regional cooperation, and perfecting the service quality.

At the promotion conference, the preferential policy allowed Chongqing natives to get a 50 % discount on ticket prices of all tourist attractions in Garze before June 1st was introduced.


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