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Dazu to Launch 6th Chongqing Culture and Tourism Consumption Season


Chongqing – The 6th edition of the Chongqing Culture and Tourism Consumption Season will be launched in the eastern Dazu District on April 23, this Friday, a source from the city’s culture and tourism authorities told iChongqing on Tuesday.

With a theme of “Appreciate Cultural Expo Products, Enjoy A Feast of Creative Cultures,” the consumption season will bring a host of cultural and tourism promotional activities focusing on both traditional and creative cultural products via both online and offline means.

According to a blueprint plan that has yet to be released to the public, the event will include a grand opening ceremony, three sub-venue activities, four characteristic thematic activities, and an online promotional campaign.

A promotional poster for the upcoming culture and tourism promotion season. (Photos provided to iChongqing)

The opening ceremony boasts a combination of intangible cultural heritages (ICHs), traditional Chinese arts, and modern fashion trends, including an ICH feature dance “Abundance in Fish Every Year,” a quyi show “Splendid Chongqing,” an award-winning stage play “Du Fu,” a creative show “Goddes of Mercy with A Thousand Arms,” an opera-pop song “Talking Makeups,” and a song “Starting Again.”

The three sub-venue activities include a grand ICH show featuring the city’s 150 intangible cultural heritage representative items at the South Hot Spring Scenic Spot in Banan District, scheduled from April 29 to May 2; an Online-to-Offline (O2O) coupon collection event at the Chongqing International Exhibition Center, scheduled during the China Western Tourism Industry Exhibition from June 11 to June 14; and a rural revitalization and tourism development themed conference in Shizhu County from August 6 to 8.

Among the four thematic activities are a garden carnival inside the famous Dazu Xiangguo Park, a recreational vehicle experience trip, which will take visitors through the various culture and tourism scenic spots, a folk culture festival in Kaizhou District’s Hanfeng Lake Scenic Spot, and a hanfu show in the middle of downtown Chongqing’s commercial districts of Yangjiuping and Shiqiaopu.

What’s more, there will also be an online promotional campaign giving out free or discounted coupons to netizens planning on visiting the city’s A-level scenic spots, star hotels, as well as cultural and entertainment facilities. People can log on to the “Huiyou Chongqing” website, the city’s official culture and tourism public service platform, to collect these coupons for free.

The Chongqing Culture and Tourism Consumption Season is sponsored by the Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Commission and the Dazu District Government; organized by the Dazu District Culture and Tourism Commission and the Chongqing Performance Co., Ltd.

The event also receives various support from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Commerce Commission, the Chongqing branches of China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, the Chongqing Tourism Investment Group, the Chongqing Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, the Chengdu Railway Cultural Media Co., Ltd., and the Dazu Rock Carving International tourism Group.

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